Taco Beef and Cheese Sopes Recipe

Not as Well Known as Tamales or Enchiladas but Sopes are a Fast, Versatile, Delicious Mexican Food

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Taco beef and cheese sopes
Taco beef and cheese sopes
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So, there is Mexican food and there is Tex-Mex food. In many parts of the country, the two terms are used interchangeably. (Gasp! How unenlightened!) There is some overlap and no clear delineation for all practical purposes. However, whichever one you call it, it’s comfort food all the way! In my opinion, sopes fall on the Mexican side because, unlike the ubiquitous enchilada platter, the further you travel north from Texas, the least likely you are to find them on the menu. But don’t despair, with this recipe you can’t go wrong!

Although the sopes themselves are the basis of this recipe, what you choose to put in the filling can be almost anything. Want an entrée? Want a desert? Bases covered. This recipe is reminiscent of pizza or a taco. Bonus? Even the kids will love it! What a way to sneak some veggies into their diets. As always, use organic ingredients when possible.

Sopes Ingredient List

Taco beef and cheese ingredients
Taco beef and cheese sope ingredients

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