Unprofitable Remodel Projects During an Economic Recession | Economic downturns call for belt-tightening and home equity ROI based on functionality, not luxury | I Can Fix Up My Home Your Home of Tomorrow Today | Home automation and energy efficient technology | I Can Fix Up My Home
Cleaning Your Backyard Deck | Protect your investment in your deck by powerwashing or scrubbing and sealing annually | I Can Fix Up My Home Deck Building: Beams and Joists | After deck design, build the understructure; posts, beams, joists, and ledger board | I Can Fix Up My Home
Deck Design and Framing Fundamentals | How to use connecting hardware, pre-mixed concrete, pressure treated posts, beams, ledger boards, and joists for building your ideal outdoor space Deck Design and Post Hole Layout - How to Lay Out a Solid Deck Foundation Using the 3-4-5 Method
Lumber Sizes and Spacing for Deck Building | Install Ledger Boards, Calculate Beam Spans, Floor Joists, and Maximum Post Height | I Can Fix Up My Home Popular Deck Board Patterns and Decking Installation Instructions | Finish your deck with a basic, diagonal, or picture frame pattern | I Can Fix Up My Home
Setting Posts in Deck Construction - Use fast-setting concrete mix and a construction laser level to build a detached or attached backyard deck Trex Composite or Aluminum Decking vs Natural Wood | Choose between sustainable engineered building materials and exotic wood | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Build a Deck on a Concrete Patio | Design and Build an Outdoor Area for Leisure Time and Entertaining Friends | I Can Fix Up My Home Wood Deck Design Fundamentals | Engineer a dream deck following building codes, homeowner association rules, and zoning restrictions | I Can Fix Up My Home
Wood Deck Refinishing | Protect your investment in home equity by powerwashing and sealing your wood deck on an annual basis A DIY Guide to Types of Concrete - Fast-Setting for Post Holes, countertop mix, and Fiber-Reinforced
I Can Fix Up My Home | Asphalt Repair for Driveways, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots | How to Fix Asphalt Temperature and Water Damage with Elastomeric Patch and Sealer Avoid Concrete Foundation Repair | Tips on preventing concrete slab cracking by periodic watering with a soaker hose | I Can Fix Up My Home
Common Tree Root and Home Foundation Issues | Slab repairs and plumbing problems can result from poorly-located landscaping | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Finish a Concrete Slab | Pouring the Form, then Screed, Float, Edge, Groove, and Trowel | I Can Fix Up My Home
Five Concrete Resurfacing Techniques | Bring old floors back to life with chemical acid stains, dyes, epoxy, limecoat, and stamping. I Can Fix Up My Home | Prices for Asphalt Driveway Alternatives | Blacktop and concrete are common building materials; save money or spend more
Top 5 Tips for DIY Driveway Paving | Choose from pavers, concrete, or asphalt, dig the foundation, and finish installation | I Can Fix Up My Home Build a Free-Standing Patio Cover | Protect your deck or boat or enjoy backyard parties | I Can Fix Up My Home
Designing the Perfect Patio Cover | Different types of awnings along with how and where to build them | I Can Fix Up My Home Get More Out of Your Garden With a Canopy | Install a patio awning to further enjoy your deck or patio area | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Build an Inexpensive Storage Shed in Your Backyard | Basic framing and carpentry skills make this a fun project | I Can Fix Up My Home Repair Picket Fences and Tie Sections Together at a 90 Degree Angle | Cedar or pressure treated picket fences may seem tricky to tie together; the intersection might not intersect a fence post | I Can Fix Up My Home
The Benefits of Having a Steel Garage | Metal buildings reduce maintenance and add fire resistance and add to home equity | I Can Fix Up My Home Three Outdoor Upgrades You Must Consider | A deck and outdoor kitchen are a winning combination | I Can Fix Up My Home
Transform your Garden Shed | Use that extra space for a home office, music room, or a workshop for your DIY projects | I Can Fix Up My Home Types of Fences for Privacy and Security | A residential fence will mark your property line and is part of a home security system | I Can Fix Up My Home
Create a Luxury Feel in a Small Garden | A backyard oasis is within reach with landscaping, a barbecue pit, and a water feature | I Can Fix Up My Home Eight Simple Steps to Having an Environmentally Friendly Garden | Create an organic garden and lawn with mulch, compost, and by reducing water usage.
How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden | Grow organic container herbs and vegetables or a showcase flower bed this spring | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Move Your Gardening Tools and Plants | Transporting seeds, perennials, and landscaping devices efficiently | I Can Fix Up My Home
Nutritional Gardening Requirements | Calling in the Topsoil Suppliers | An organic program, soil analysis, and regular aeration leads to success | I Can Fix Up My Home Building a New Home? | Start taking home security and safety measures now! | I Can Fix Up My Home
Financing Home Improvements with the FHA PowerSaver Program | A long-term remodeling loan in a slumping housing market with rising energy bills | I Can Fix Up My Home Finding and Evaluating Contractor Bids for Remodel Projects | Picking the right contractor can spell the difference between a money pit and customer satisfaction | I Can Fix Up My Home
Protection with New Construction or Remodeling Insurance | Policies include dwelling and personal property, owners and landlords liability, and worker's compensation | I Can Fix Up My Home Protect Yourself from a Mechanics Lien Against Your Home | After accepting a bid and signing a building contract, understand how to protect your property
Remodeling Contracts Protect Building Contractors and Homeowners | Detail the work description, payment timeline, funding, start date, bonding and insurance | I Can Fix Up My Home Remodeling Investment Cost and Return Value | Generally, exterior projects do better during an economic recession | I Can Fix Up My Home
Remodel Planning after a Homeowners Insurance Settlement | After dealing with your insurance company, make your settlement money work harder following a fire, hurricane, or flood 4 Ways to Affordably Landscape Your Yard | A realistic budget and being your own contractor will save money | I Can Fix Up My Home
Designing an Outdoor Space for Valentine’s Day - Choose live flowers to represent a lasting, not wilting, relationship; plant them in a garden environment | I Can Fix Up My Home DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations | Install landscape lighting along with your wreaths, snowman, and Santa Claus | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Add Water Features to Your Backyard | A mini wildlife preserve and calming retreat from the rat race | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Build a Pond in Your Backyard | An aquatic water feature is a relaxing investment in your home equity | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Remove a Tree Stump | Use a digging spade instead of a stump grinder for landscape maintenance and garden design | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Revamp Your Home Exterior | Add water features, garden sculpture, iron fences, and more | I Can Fix Up My Home
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