5 Ways to Green Your Garage | Use alternative energy sources, dispose of chemicals, and organize your tools | I Can Fix Up My Home 5 Ways to Lower Your Home's Carbon Footprint | Sustainable living can be achieved by implementing small measures | I Can Fix Up My Home
A Certified Home Inspector can Improve Energy Efficiency | Estimate utility bills before buying a home or reduce energy consumption | I Can Fix Up My Home A Home Energy Efficiency Checklist | A Comprehensive Listing of Ways to Use Less Energy and Save Money | I Can Fix Up My Home
Building Green for LEED Certification - Sustainable construction with a LEED certification raises home equity and lowers energy bills Energy Efficient Interior Design Tips | Use thermal mass, paint color, window treatments, suspended acoustical ceilings, and ceramic tile for energy efficiency | I Can Fix Up My Home
Energy Efficiency Tips for Hot Summer Weather | Save money on utility bills with weatherstripping, Energy Q radiant barrier foil, and attic insulation | I Can Fix Up My Home Green Tax Incentives to Save Some Green | Install energy-efficient skylights, doors, windows, and HVAC units | I Can Fix Up My Home
How Homeowners can Prepare for Winter | Cold weather raises utility bills; fight back with these tips | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Save Money on Utility Bills | Lower energy costs, go green, and get federal energy tax credits | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Seal Air Leaks throughout Your Home | Lower utility bills by roof repair, window maintenance, and replacing door sweeps | I Can Fix Up My Home Passive Solar Concepts Conserve Energy | Save money on utility bills despite rising cost of electricity, natural gas, and heating oil. Take advantage of solar energy and thermal mass. | I Can Fix Up My Home
Perform an Energy Audit to Lower Utility Bills - Discover your utility bell saving opportunities; insulation, radiant barrier, and efficient windows Proof That Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain | Go sustainable with appliance management, recycling electronics, getting an energy audit, and more | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Slash Your Energy Bill | lower electricity and natural gas bills using radiant barrier paint or foil, compact florescent light bulbs, tankless water heaters, and energy efficient windows | I Can Fix Up My Home ICanFixUpMyHome: Green Home Building Increases in Popularity - Sustainable Construction and Remodeling Contractors Increase
I Can Fix Up My Home | Install a Geothermal Heat Pump, Claim an Energy Tax Credit | Take 30% of the cost off federal income tax before 12-31-2016 Live Greener, Better, and Cheaper with Solar Panels | Understand solar panel mounting hardware for a DIY project | I Can Fix Up My Home
Residential Green Energy Technologies - The economic depression coupled with high utility bills encourages embracing renewable alternate energy sources ICanFixUpMyHome: Residential Solar Panel Manufacturers - energy utility bills are increasing and homeowners are installing residential solar panels, a green, renewable energy source
Residential Wind Turbines - Be your own green alternative energy supplier; generate electricity with wind, the ultimate renewable resource Residential Wind Turbines FAQ: Be your own green alternative energy producer using the wind, a sustainable resource
Solar Panel Power Generation | Photovoltaic Arrays Slash Energy Bills and Earn Tax Deductions | I Can Fix Up My Home Thin Film Solar Panels to Get Off the Grid | Next generation photovoltaic semiconductors for alternative energy | I Can Fix Up My Home
Different Types of Insulation and Installation Methods | Fiberglass, cellulose, loose-fill, and soy bean insulation | I Can Fix Up My Home Energy Star Ratings with Structural Insulated Panels | Green building practices yield energy tax credits and SIPs lower the construction budget | I Can Fix Up My Home
Installing Blown Insulation in Existing Walls | Lower power bills and claim an energy tax credit in older homes | I Can Fix Up My Home Install Insulation For Energy Efficiency | The cheapest way to lower utility energy bills, save money, and get an energy tax credit | I Can Fix Up My Home
ICanFixUpMyHome: Insulated Concrete Forms - A Green building technology that offers energy savings and fire and storm resistance Open and Closed Cell Soy-Based Insulation - Although initial building costs are higher, the ROI of spray insulation is higher than fiberglass or rockwool insulation
Install a Radiant Barrier in the Attic | Energy Q Foil and paint provide a thermal shield and efficient energy savings Reduces Energy bills by keeping the summer heat out of the home | I Can Fix Up My Home Tips for Making Your Loft as Energy Efficient as Possible | Insulation and radiant barrier foil saves money on utility bills | I Can Fix Up My Home
What’s the Best Way to Insulate Your House? | Install attic and wall insulation, and double glazed windows | I Can Fix Up My Home I Can Fix Up My Home | Benefits of the Eco-Friendly Pellet Stove or Furnace | Save money and heat your home efficiently this winter with sustainable fuel.
Easy Ways to Paint Your Home Green | Prevent damage to the earth and environmental damage by reducing energy use, water consumption, and throw-away plastics | I Can Fix Up My Home Everything You Need to Know About Green Countertops | Recycling potential, building material, and transportation distance are all factors | I Can Fix Up My Home
Green, Sustainable Building Materials as an Alternative to Traditional | Save money over time using insulated concrete forms, Energy Star appliances, and engineered wood products | I Can Fix Up My Home How to Make Your Kitchen Green - Sustainable cabinets, flooring, and energy efficient kitchen lighting saves money and the planet
Remodeling Deconstruction, Reuse, and Recycling | Contractors embracing sustainable remodeling but there’s a learning curve | I Can Fix Up My Home Save Money with Door and Window Weatherstripping | High quality seals will lower heating costs during winter and cooling bills during summer, and reduce utility bills all year long | I Can Fix Up My Home
ICanFixUpMyHome: Solar Window Film Reduces Utility Bills - An Alternative for Double Glazed Argon Filled Energy Star Windows Three Effective Ways to Winterize Your Home | Install radiant barrier foil, add shrink wrap to windows, and prevent frozen pipes | I Can Fix Up My Home
What to Look for in Energy-efficient Replacement Windows | Many new homes use contractor grade windows. Because of rising utility bills, energy conservation is key. Green and Sustainable Building and Remodeling Trends | High utility bills and energy prices drive tighter envelopes and Energy Star appliances | I Can Fix Up My Home
How to Make Your Home Business More Eco-Friendly | Minimize paperwork, recycle when possible, and adopt techniques to lower utility bills | I Can Fix Up My Home Increase Home Value with 5 Great Technologies | Home automation and energy-efficiency adds to home equity | I Can Fix Up My Home
What to Look for During a Home Inspection | Home buyers and sellers both benefit from a residential evaluation | I Can Fix Up My Home 3 Unique Ideas for Bathroom Renovations | Install heating elements under floor tile, add a urinal, enjoy a rain shower | I Can Fix Up My Home
5 Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Upgrades | A fresh coat of paint, new cabinets, or new plumbing fixtures can make all the difference | I Can Fix Up My Home 5 Easy and Inexpensive Kitchen Updates | Repainting, cabinet refacing, spreading a rug, and adding some plants | I Can Fix Up My Home
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