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Three Outdoor Upgrades You Must Consider

A Deck and Outdoor Kitchen are a Winning Combination

© 2012 by Alyssa Davis; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

An outdoor patio fireplace, photo courtesy Alyssa Davis

Many people consider spring to be the perfect time to make home improvements. The weather is not too cold or too hot. There is a sense of renewal and change in the air — and spring makes folks want to spruce up the exterior of the home to get ready for the warm summer months.

And while there are some essentials that are pretty much standard from yard to yard around the country, there are some outdoor upgrades that can allow you to go beyond the basics, making your outdoor space simply phenomenal.

From a style point and a functionality point, these upgrades can take your backyard from “nice space” to “amazing oasis”. Just don’t forget to revise your homeowners insurance after making this investment.

Outdoor Upgrade: An Outdoor Kitchen the Cook Will Kiss You For

Arguably, one of the best activities in the springtime and summertime is eating outside. Dining al fresco can be a lot of fun and it often seems that food cooked on an open grill just tastes better!

You likely have a grill, either gas or charcoal. But creating an outdoor kitchen will get you a real kiss from the cook. An outdoor kitchen will also allow you to showcase your culinary muscles while upping the value of your property in some areas.

The outdoor kitchen can be expensive, but they can really transform the backyard into a haven that your family will enjoy year after year.

The ultimate outdoor kitchen has a sink, natural stone countertop, a refrigerator, an oven, and of course, a grill on the stovetop. Outfit your outdoor kitchen with a modern metal wall clock designed for the outdoors and other related artwork and wall art.

Outdoor Upgrade: A Fabulous Place to Relax

As part of your exterior setup, you likely have seating in place. Perhaps it’s a porch swing, a hammock strung between two trees, or just an outdoor dining set.

Proper seating for your outdoor space is a must-have for outdoor living. Likewise, a proper place to position your seating is also needed. Decking fits the bill.

Backyard decks provide an immediate focus on the outdoor seating area that cannot be accomplished by anything else.

Another great option is a screened in porch that keeps the bugs at bay while allowing you to entertain in style. But don’t limit your seating outdoors to just the backyard.

A beautiful front porch with a few rustic rockers, some wrought iron wall art, and loads of lush plants is also appealing. This is one upgrade that you will enjoy for more than just a few months each year.

Outdoor Upgrade: An Outdoor Fireplace to Keep You Warm on Chilly Nights

Outdoor fires can be quite mesmerizing, and they can also work to create an atmosphere that is nothing short of hypnotizing. But you need not reserve the outdoor fire for the campfire on your next camping adventure.

A metal fire pit, ceramic chimney, or an outdoor fireplace is beautiful upgrades that will take the chill out of the evening, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space long into the night.

You can also use the fire pit or outdoor fire for toasting marshmallows or even cooking a stew over the fire while you are entertaining outdoors. An outdoor fireplace is a more permanent solution to your outdoor entertaining needs, and is available in both a gas model or as a wood-burning fireplace.

A permanent fireplace outdoors adds value to your home if you ever put it on the market.

About the Author:

Home decor specialist, Alyssa Davis, is a regular writer for, and she offers many ideas on how to design your favorite rooms with horse metal wall sculptures and metal decor .

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Article © 2012 Alyssa Davis; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

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