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DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Install Landscape Lighting along with Your Wreaths, Snowman, and Santa Claus

© 2012 by John Miller ; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Santa Claus with a child; photo courtesy Jacob Windham

Christmas is definitely coming and most people have already decorated their homes to celebrate this season. Are you are searching for a unique and do-it-yourself guide and some cost-effective Christmas decorations?

Here are some suggestions that will surely make your outdoors more stunning than the previous years.

  • Christmas Tree.

    You don’t need a real pine tree to have a spectacular Christmas tree. Your old Christmas tree will do. Also, if you have a tree in your front yard, it will become a magnificent part of your Yuletide décor.

    The best trees for this project are conifers spruce, “Blue Wonder” dwarf Alberta and other trees like cypress, blue holly, berry trees, Korean Pine, juniper, and white pine.

    Trim it out, place the Christmas tree adornments and light it up using Christmas lights or spotlights.

  • Christmas Lights.

    This outdoor lighting will surely give life to your garden at night. If you want to make your Yuletide nights enjoyable and warm, lighting your lawn is definitely a must.

    With a good lighting set-up, you, your friends, and loved ones can have a good time outdoors this season.

  • Lanterns.

    Displaying lanterns on specific spots in your garden will certainly create a grand effect. In order to match the occasion to your character, you can personalize the lanterns that you want to display.

    You can make a mixture of Japanese lanterns out of papers and wires and paint it with red and green to make a Christmas effect. You can even make other lantern designs to complement the overall design of your own garden. The possibilities are endless!

  • Wreathes.

    You will hardly see a Christian home celebrating Christmas without wreathes. This is an easy DIY project that you can make to decorate your outdoor domain.

    The easiest perhaps is the “5 golden rings”. You can display your wreathes on your front door or in a specific place in your front yard. You can display a clothespin wreath, mistletoe wreath, sequined wreath, jingle bell wreath, and pinecone wreath.

  • Exterior Lighting.

    This is the perfect opportunity to install landscape lighting fixtures. Put them in now; enjoy them all year long.

    You basically have two good options here. First, there are the traditional hard-wired ones. But today solar lighting is getting to be much more popular because there is less maintenance, and of course, the power is free, until you have to change out the batteries.

  • Snowman.

    Christmas decorations are not complete without a traditional Snowman. If you’re someone from a place where it snows during Yuletide season, this will be a piece of cake for you.

    However, if you’re living in a place where it doesn’t snow, you can put your creativity into this project. There are different materials that you can use to make your Snowman.

    Some people used old tires, beach balls, white paint, huge buttons, etc. As long as these materials are put together creatively, you will get a good snowman to greet your visitors, family, and friends on December 25.

  • Santa Claus.

    Santa Claus, the jolly one, is one of the most easily-recognizable Yuletide icons all over the world.

    Your garden will surely become lively if you put him up front and center. Make sure that your Santa Claus figure is placed on the most conspicuous spot in your lawn to get your friends’, neighbors’ and loved ones’ attention.

    If you are not confident about your artistic skills, there are paintable Santa Claus figures that are available in different sizes that you can paint and display on your front door, windows, or in your garden.

    This simple project won’t even take a long time to complete. The best thing about this is that you can instantly display the products after painting them. Your children will surely have fun helping you on this task.

Now that you have an idea on how to decorate your outdoors this Holiday season, it is time to enlist your family or friends’ help to finish your decoration project.

However, before starting with your DIY Christmas projects, it is important to take care of your personal safety. If you are going to use power tools, be sure to read and understand the safety guidelines indicated therein. You don’t want Christmas to come with you nursing an injury, do you?

About the Author:

John Miller writes for He is an exterior design expert and loves sharing his insights in various online publications.

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