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Create a Luxury Feel in a Small Garden

A Backyard Oasis is Within Reach with Landscaping, a Barbecue Pit, and a Water Feature

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A patio umbrella; photo courtesy John Garland

If you have a small garden sometimes it can be difficult to find a way to really utilize it to its best potential. Just because a garden is small certainly does not mean that you can’t decorate it to give it a wonderful luxury feel.

After all, a garden is a wonderful place to relax with friends and family. One of the best things you can do to start is to set out a landscape plan.

Chart Out Your Landscape Plan

Determine where you would want to add or remove shrubbery and flowers or if you have space available for things like a really luxurious and relaxing spa to really improve the look of your garden.

There are various ways to work out the design of your garden. One of the most visual ways is to use computer software designed for this purpose.

Or, you can do it the old-fashioned way — with a pencil and a stack of graph paper. You may want to hire a landscaper for the heavy lifting.

Make sure that the design of the garden allows it tended to and pruned regularly and easily; a smart-looking garden will always provide a warm and inviting feel.

Exterior Lighting Sets the Mood

Many people also add some mood lighting to the area, twinkle lights in the trees or solar powered lights along the edging can add a wonderful sense of mood lighting. Don’t overlook what a dramatic effect landscape lighting can impart.

Another great way to create a luxurious feel in a small garden is to create an area to enjoy with friends and family. After all, isn’t that the basic reason you’re doing this?

Even small gardens can fit a bistro table and chair set in a tucked away corner, this will allow you to enjoy a rich glass of wine at night, or a cup of tea during a beautiful morning.

Another way to enjoy the outdoors is to put in a barbecue pit or a smoker for those outdoor meals. This is becoming such a popular concept that many homeowners are installing complete “outdoor kitchens” complete with a sink.

Consider Back Yard Water Features

Water features can provide a wonderfully relaxing environment. Installing one is within the reach of the handy homeowner.

Do you favor a koi pond? How about a waterfall? Or are you interested in aquatic plants and a turtle or two?

Keep in mind that you should either provide some method of water circulation or stock the pond with some kind of fish that will eat any mosquito larvae. With the current West Nile virus outbreak, we don’t want to give mosquitos an environment in which to breed.

As you can see, it can be quite easy to really spruce up the feel of your garden and make it a sanctuary outside of your home. With just a bit of landscaping and the addition of a few key items, your garden will have that luxury feel you have been searching for in no time.

If you’ve gathered any lessons-learned from completing your own backyard garden, feel free to relate them to our readers in the comment section below.

About this Article:

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About the author:

Paul Johnson is a writer for, a web resource focused on giving homeowners tips on controlling Boxelder bugs and box elder bug prevention.

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