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Live at Home the Feng Shui Way

Interior and Exterior Decorating and Paint Shades Sets the Tone of Your Home

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Painting Interior decorating tips

As anyone who has looked into feng shui will know, it’s not a load of complicated mumbo jumbo, it’s simply an easy way to make your home more pleasant to live in.

And a pleasant home means more peace of mind and better mental well-being, so it’s well worth looking into.

Whether you want to create a more calming and peaceful atmosphere to help you relax, or would prefer to create an inspiring and uplifting environment, the way in which you decorate your home can make a real difference.

Consider Furniture Placement

To create a more studious feel in the home, try placing an oak bookcase in the center of a bedroom or living room as a focal point, rather than a television. It doesn’t have to be huge; you can choose a small bookcase or small Mexican pine furniture to create the same effect.

Avoiding certain common interior decorating “mistakes” (in feng shui terms) can also help to restore the balance in your home and consequently in your mind and life.

Some of these feng shui no-nos include a staircase facing a front door, a bathroom in the center of the house, a long or narrow hallway, and a bathroom above a bedroom.

For good feng shui, ensure that the kitchen is at the center of the house, as it is considered the heart of the home.

Eliminate Household Clutter

Avoid clutter, as clutter creates a messy, busy and stressful environment, which in turn leads to a stressful mind and hectic lifestyle. Keep your home clean and clutter-free wherever possible.

Maybe start by taking a day off work and tidying your house room by room, piece of pine furniture by piece of pine furniture.

Feng Shui Directions for Paint Choices

When it comes to choosing color schemes, yellow is a popular color in feng shui as it can be both peaceful and relaxing, and vibrant and refreshing. Choose paler, daffodil yellows for a calming feel, and vibrant sunshine yellows for an uplifting and energizing effect.

When choosing colors, some designers rely on feng shui directions. For example, good choices for north are blue and black. For northeast, consider blue, green, aqua, or black. South? Give red, pink, burgundy, peach a try.

The choices for east are dominated by shades of green, preferably dark tones. For west walls, gray, white, gold, silver are recommended. The center of the home has its own palette — yellow, brown, and shades of tan.

Back Yard Water Features

It’s not all about the interior of the home. Water features are popular for their calming properties and as a way to draw in nature. Common types are koi ponds, water plant features, waterfalls/pond combinations, and of course, fountains.

You might want to hire a plumber to make your connections.

With installations that have flowing water, it is important that the water flows towards the home, not away from it. The basic idea is that the flow of the water directs chi energy to the home.

Making a few small feng shui-inspired changes in your home will soon see you enjoying your house more than ever before.

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