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Lava Lamps and Bean Bags Still in Style

Get that Funky 70s Look and Decorate Your Bedroom, Living Room, or Den with Retro Decor

© 2010 by Jessica Ackerman all rights reserved

A retro lava lamp from the 70s, photo courtesy of Daino

The 1970s may be long gone, but their trademark lava lamps and bean bags are still in style. With wild colors and super comfy seating, these 70s icons have found new life in the 21st century. Jazz up a bedroom, create a cozy nook or decorate the den in fabulous retro decor, but do not forget to bring along the lava lamps and bean bags.

Bodacious Bedroom

For the retro-loving, bodacious bedroom desiring decorator, lava lamps and bean bags are the perfect accessories. Choose colors that have a distinctly 70s appeal, like marmalade orange, to accent the room. Cream colored walls with orange designs are a great way to draw the old into the new.

Spice up the room with a bean bag filled with top-quality filling and covered in an ultra-suede, orange cover. A lava lamp on a nightstand or desk that flows in shades of orange will create visual appeal and provide ample funky lighting.

Gnarly Nook

Sometimes a quiet place to hang out and relax is all that is needed at the end of the day. Pick a quiet spot in the house and claim it as your own. Throw down a shag throw rug on the floor, slide in a small table and plug in that calming lava lamp. You can sit back on a bean bag chair filled with soft fill and covered in a chenille or suede cover for ultimate relaxation.

The chair conforms to your body, making it a spot where your entire body can unwind and simply float away after a long, hard day. Lava lamps add soft lighting and promote a sense of calm. They are also a great alternative to fish tanks, as they both provide the same calming effect, but lava lamps have no required upkeep. Make the space coordinated in color and pattern, so that your gnarly nook will be uber-relaxing.

Retro Family Room

For true retro decor, try decorating the family room in 70s style fabrics and colors. Avocado and orange will surely play a part in the room’s accents. Choose a neutral wall color, like tan or cream, for the most versatile space. Add flowered orange and avocado throw pillows, curtains and trinkets throughout the room.

Picture frames in orange, glass candy dishes in avocado green and a large area rug that ties them both together are perfect options for the retro room. However, no retro space is complete with just bean bag chairs and lava lamps. For the video game playing family, bean bag chairs are not only perfectly retro, they are also the ideal video game chair.

A retro New Orleans Saints football bean bag chair Low to the ground and super comfy, bean bag chairs can also be placed around the room for additional seating. When the lights are low, the retro lava lamps will make the family room come alive with their relaxing ebb and flow. They provide the funky lighting that is essential for a retro room decor.

Lava lamps and bean bag chairs may be more difficult to find than they were in the 70s, but they have not gone out of style. The body cradling form of the bean bag chair makes it a relaxation retreat and the soothing glow of the lava lamp chases worry away after a long day. For a truly retro look, the retro room must include the timeless bean bag chair and lava lamp.

About the author:

Jessica Ackerman is a freelance writer and works for She shares her wealth of knowledge on tropical wall sculptures and wine home decor.

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Article © 2010 Jessica Ackerman All rights reserved.