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Interior Decorating for the Kid’s Bedroom

A Room Make Over with New Paint Color Choices, a Laminate Floor, and Adding Storage Space

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Shoe storage in a girl's room; photo © 2008 KSmith Media, LLC

Shoe storage in a girl's room; photo © 2008 KSmith Media, LLC

This article was updated on 10/11/20.

An interior decorating makeover of a child's bedroom is an opportunity for parent-child bonding as they help decide on decorating design, paint color selection, and coordinated flooring, preferably environmentally-friendly flooring.

The Child’s Bedroom is Her Haven

Decorating the room is both a challenge and a joy. This is the kind of project where the parent has the opportunity to work hand in hand with the child. This is not the time for a parent to make all the decorating choices.

A child's room is is his or her special haven where play, rest, and creativity happen. The parent should communicate with her child; delve into the young mind to discover what would make that bedroom perfectly decorated from a fresh point of view. Think out of the box.

The child’s answer will likely sound a bit overwhelming, but it's a great jumping-off point to aim at the goal; the well decorated child's room.

Identify Decorating Themes

Make it clear that it is best to stick to one decorating theme with one or two sub-themes. Ask the child what his current interests are. There's an endless list of choices: Disney movies, Harry Potter, baseball heroes, and Barbie, etc.

But try to stick to something that's not a passing fancy; you don't want to redecorate the bedroom every six months.

Break the Bedroom Scheme into Chunks

A child's bedroom is used for a variety of activities, sleep, play, homework, and using it as a private area to gossip with friends via cell phone. Map out the different areas where each activity might take place and merge them into the child's bedroom decoration scheme.

Rest assured that there will be territory overlap, but there should be; it enables the decorating scheme to flow in a natural way.

Identify the Child’s Bedroom Zones

What are the functional characteristics of each area? This will help dictate the decorating components. Proper and adequate lighting is a big consideration. It should be bright and focused in the homework area for reading and writing. Pendant lights are always a good choice.

The play and relaxation areas can have more subdued lighting. This will keep a good lighting balance. Does the bedroom have a wood parquet, laminate, or ceramic tile floor? Then the play area non-slip rug will need to fits into the overall bedroom decorating theme.

You can't have too many Storage Areas

It's no great revelation, kids today have too much baggage. The well-designed room decoration scheme will take this into consideration. There will be a toy box if the child is young, obviously. This can double as seating, making efficient use of the available space.

Incorporate lots of shelving into the decorating plan. Modular shelving is available to hold books and display trophies and other prized possessions.

The closet is key to storage success. The child’s clothes are here of course, but why not use it to hold sports equipment? Many of these items are seasonal and oddly sized. Install shelving reaching to the ceiling.

Decorate the Bedroom Walls

The child will want to paint his walls with a favorite color; usually something quite bright. Here are five ways to refresh walls on a budget. Suggest painting just one wall with that color and paint subdued colors on the rest of the walls. For example, if he asks for a retina-killing blue, paint the other three walls with a hue easier on the orbs.

Use gloss or a semi-gloss because these sheens are easy to wipe down. Make sure the child's bedroom interior decoration activity is fun for both parent and child. This is the prime opportunity to bond with the child and share interests.

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