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Decorating a Boy’s Room With a Snowboarding Theme

Create a Ski Slope or Winter Olympic Theme

© 2010 by Alyssa Davis all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

Snowboarding in the mountains; photo by Arriba

Dozens of websites are dedicated to creating a pretty and fun bedroom for a little girl, but far fewer have interesting ideas for boys. Boys are tucked away and left with simple color palettes in shades of blue, or given patterns suitable and masculine, such as stripes.

Boys love creativity and imagination as much as their girly counterparts, and there are many ideas that appeal to little guys as much as teenage brothers, such as decorating a boy’s room with a snowboarding theme.

Snowboarding themes are very simple to create, and the result is a very guy-oriented room that appeals to his sense of adventure without stifling creativity or draining your budget. You can surprise him with something unique when he gets home from school.

Or, let him help with the creation of his snowboarder’s fortress. Here are a couple of helpful tips for designing your own snowboarding paradise.

First, you have the option of using snowboarding legends or contemporary icons, or mixing the two. From Shaun White to Ross Powers, there are many names to choose from. You can choose only male icons, or work with both male and female legends in snowboarding.

Create a Realistic Ski Slope Landscape

Example: Paint the room pale blue to represent the sky, then paint the bottom half of the room white all the way around to represent snow. At specific intervals around the room, hang framed posters of snowboarding icons, above, below, or at the snow line.

Silhouettes of snowboarders in various poses can be used as accents on the wall, and there are many shades of blue, neutral, or white bedding that makes a great addition as well.

Second, you can leave off the real-world legends and stick to something simpler. This can include the rest of the décor mentioned above, or your own creation with icy shades of blue, white, silver, and gray.

If your son is a true snowboarding fanatic, consider taking or using some photos of him in action as accessories. These can be blown up and framed to create unique posters, including captions of his name.

Example: Consider blending the real-world icons with his own poster of himself to give him a confidence boost and spark his imagination. Seeing his name and face next to images of Ross Rebagliati and Todd Richards can be just the inspiration he needs to become the world’s next snowboarding legend.

Consider a Winter Olympic Theme

Third, go all out and create a fabulous snowboarder’s paradise. Include images of famous snowboarding events, such as all-encompassing competitions or specific events in the Olympics. Pair it with posters of icons and legends, silhouettes of snowboarding moves, and, of course, you should mount a few snowboards right on the wall.

You can pick up some inexpensive castoffs at a garage sale. He will love the ice paradise, and this is actually a very affordable and time-efficient project.

Example: Combine the first two ideas, adding legends, modern-era greats, up-and-coming stars, snowboarding events, Olympic snowboarding, popular moves and tricks, and his own face to the mix.

Add ice blue décor, white accessories, a few snowboards, and cool shades throughout the room, and you have completed your snowboarding themed room!

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About the author:

Alyssa Davis writes and designs for and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with outdoor metal wall artwork and bicycle metal wall art.

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