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Decorating a Room around Dark Brown Wallpaper

A Darker Shade of Paper or Vinyl Hides Drywall Imperfections and Fingerprints and Adds a Casual Feel

© 2010 by Jessica Ackerman; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Brown wallpaper and sofa, photo courtesy of Merala

Wallpaper can be a great way to hide imperfections in walls, particularly plaster walls in older homes. One drawback to it is that it is time consuming to hang and even more time consuming to remove. A versatile common color for wallpaper that will last for many years is brown.

Decorating a room around dark brown wallpaper lends itself to a variety of decorating options and ideas. From elegant and modern to classic and country, brown wallpaper can work with any decor.

A Modern Look

Dark brown wallpaper has depth and character on its own. For a modern look, the dark brown can be paired with silver, black, and white. These colors coordinate with one another and are commonly used in geometric patterns on fabrics and upholstery.

Tie the dark brown wallpaper into the space by accenting the room with a dark brown footstool or coffee table. Bring the silver to the walls by hanging silver frames featuring black and white photographs.

Throw pillows on a white sofa, that incorporate the dark brown from the wallpaper, and the silver and black will help tie the room together. Sleek lines and a modern design to the furniture throughout the room will also create a modern feel. By pulling the dark brown wallpaper color into modern pieces throughout the room, it can easily enhance a contemporary look.

Country Casual

Families with small children tend to shy away from modern decors and opt instead for more casual decorating styles. Dark brown wallpaper is ideal for this type of setting, as it easily hides little fingerprints and provides a wall covering that looks warm and inviting. For a casual look, opt for slipcovered furniture in tans or navy blues.

The dark brown of the wallpaper can be pulled into the space with table lamps with dark brown bases or a dark brown bowl placed on the coffee table. Dark brown can also be added to accent pillows, throw rugs and picture frames on the mantel.

Light tan picture frames with colorful family photos work perfectly on dark brown wallpapered walls to draw the eye up and around the room. The key to creating a casual feel is to fill the room with casual pieces that can easily incorporate the dark brown wallpaper.

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Formal Dining

A dining room with dark brown wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a formal dining area. Use cream as the accent color in the room for a formal feel. A dark brown wooden dining room table that matches the shade of brown on the wall would be the perfect centerpiece for the room.

Cream flowers in a bowl in the center of the table accented by twirling dark brown reeds would serve as a perfect centerpiece. Pull the dark brown color throughout the room by incorporating it into the curtains. A brown and cream floral curtain pattern will create a formal look with modern appeal.

Dark brown wallpaper is versatile and perfect for a number of looks. It is best used in rooms where there is ample natural lighting from windows, as it can make a small room appear even smaller. Do not be afraid to experiment with the depth and texture of dark brown wallpaper, as it can enhance the look of almost any room.

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About the author:

Jessica Ackerman of is an interior designer who illustrates how simple it can be to use tropical wall hangings and tree wall art decor.

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