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Use the Right Tool for the Job When Working in Wet Areas

Work Safe and Avoid Electrocution

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A flooded street after torrential rains, Photo courtesy Kingbob86

Ideally it’s best to leave the jobs your have to do until the conditions are dry when it’s easier to work as well as potentially safer. But that isn’t always possible, sometimes a job just needs to be done or you may have taken time off work to compete a task.

If you don’t have any option but to work in wet conditions then you have to make sure you are doing so in a safe manner. Not being safe can result in injury or even potential fatality. So what sort of tools are the best to use in these types of conditions?

Cordless or Hand Drills, not Power Drills

It’s never a good idea to use electric tools in wet conditions. If there’s any damage to the cable the electricity supply and the water can easily lead to electrocution. If you don’t have a non-electric hand drill, you should attempt to borrow one rather than go ahead using an electric drill.

A great alternative is to use a cordless drill. Just be careful not to set it down in the water.

Non-Slip Hand Wear

Even if you’re not using electric tools you can still do plenty of damage to yourself if a tool slips. You should always try and keep surfaces as dry as possible, but if there are any damp places they can become slippery.

If you have a good grip on a tool it’s less likely to slip; it’s also less likely to move around in your hand which can potentially reduce the level of control that you have.

Wearing non-slip hand wear is a good idea; certain types of driving gloves can be useful on these occasions.

Carefully Chosen Hand Tools

Another way to help reduce the risk of injury from hand tools is to choose wisely when you’re going to be using them in wet conditions. If you’re buying tools think about all of the conditions you could be using them in and purchase a set that have textured handles that allow for better grip.

When combined with your protective hand wear this should help to ensure that the tools don’t slip unexpectedly when you’re using them.

It’s Not Just About the Tools

You can see why it’s important to use the right tools in wet conditions, to prevent accident and injury. There are other things you need to think about too. If you can keep the wet away from an area that’s always a good thing; a tarpaulin can be useful for covering the work area.

Another important consideration is keeping your balance while you’re working in an area where the floor area may well be slippery. It’s essential that you consider what footwear you should employ.

You need to have something on your feet that has the ability to grip well. This will help keep you steady and upright which is vital when you consider the damage you could do if you slipped over while holding a screwdriver or any other potentially hazardous tool.

If at all possible, steel-toed boots are always a good idea. If that’s not possible, at least wear boots made of sturdy leather treated with a water-repellant. Tennis shoes may be more comfortable but they won’t protect you in a wet environment and will quickly become uncomfortable.

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