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Pine Cones: From Winter Kindling to Christmas Decor

Sustainable Holiday Arts and Crafts Making Angels, Garlands, Centerpieces, Wreaths

© 2010 by Alyssa Davis; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Pine cones growing in a cluster; photo courtesy Caichofschi

Pine cones are a great sustainable decor option for designing Christmas ornaments, centerpieces, focal points, gifts, and much more. They are abundant during the winter season in most parts of the United States if you want to use real ones, and fake ones.

They can also be purchased at almost any craft store if you do not live in an area with pine cones or just want to use fake ones. There are a lot of ways that you can utilize pines cones, from winter kindling to Christmas decor, and they are safe for the whole family to use in most cases.

Ornament Ideas for Pine Cones

  • Make a Christmas angel. To create a pine cone angel, start by choosing a symmetrical pine cone and spray paint it with a nice glittery shade. Gold, silver, or white glitter work best to create something beautiful and angelic.

    Use hot glue to add ribbon wings, by creating a bow and gluing it to the “back” of the angel. Fashioning the head is simple: take a craft circle (Styrofoam works great, but wood and other materials are just as simple to use) and paint eyes, mouth, and nose. Add hair if you want, and glue the head at the top of the pine cone.

  • Make an Easy Garland. Using a simple fishing line or strand of lights as a starting point, hang painted pine cones down the length of the garland.

    Using lights, especially white or clear lights, creates something that looks more refined and elegant, while colored lights work best if you are creating something kid-friendly.

    To hang the pine cones, use ribbon or string to tie to the stem of the pine cone, then tie the string or ribbon to the garland. Hang on the Christmas tree, down the railing of a porch, across a mantel, or even over a door to create something unique and festive.

Holiday Arts and Crafts

  • A Centerpiece For Dining Room Table. Creating a focal point for the dining room is very easy with pine cones. Start by spray-painting them with a great metallic shade, or use glitter dust to add elegance without losing the natural look.

    Pile a few into a festive or cut glass bowl, then add a simple short strand of Christmas lights to the bowl, draping around the pine cones to draw attention to them without overwhelming them.

    A red ribbon finishes the look beautifully, tied around the bowl or used as a simple bow in the middle of the pine cones.
  • Christmas Wreaths For The Front Door. Most people choose to use pine cones as additions to wreaths and similar craft styles, since they are very easy to paint or dust with glitter and glue to a wreath.

    You can create your own wreath with items that you choose from a craft store, or purchase a ready made wreath and add pine cones to complete the look to your liking.

    You can hang this on the front door, creating a refined but festive holiday decoration, or hang above a fireplace to add a focal point for the room.

About the author:

Creative home decor is what we are all about at and our staff writer, Alyssa Davis, is an expert in designing it with kitchen metal wall decor and metal bike wall art.

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