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Perfect Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

Add Essential Furniture and Decorating Accessories to a Room First, then Choose the Right Table

© 2010 by Alyssa Davis all rights reserved

The perfect sized coffee table in an interior decorating project

We all want to decorate and accessorize our rooms as best as possible, maximizing beauty and style without highlighting any flaws in the room.

Small spaces can be challenging when searching for the perfect coffee table, as it can feel nearly impossible to determine how much is too much for the space. Clutter takes away from the beauty in the room, but not having what you need can be just as frustrating.

Add the Essential Furniture First

Finding that perfect coffee table for a small space does not have to be a major issue. Add the most important pieces first, such as the sofa or love seat and similar furniture. Accessorize with window coverings, rugs, and lamps next, to see how much space will be available afterward.

The most important thing to remember is that walking space is vital, and a table that crowds the space could cause accidents or injuries.

Measure the space that is left over after you have added what you consider to be the most necessary items. You will be using about half of this space for a coffee table, depending on the shape of coffee table that suits your room best.

Make sure that you take these measurements with you when you shop for your coffee table, or have them handy when you for furniture deals.

Coffee Table Size and Shape Matters

You should measure your space in three different directions. First, measure height by using the seating as a guide. The coffee table should be no taller than the seat of the couch/sofa, to make using it easier and more convenient. Next, measure by width. Keep walking space and seating room in mind.

Finally, measure by length. This is often the most important measurement in a small room, as there is less to work with in this area than with a larger room. A longer coffee table will make the room look small and cramped very quickly.

Round coffee tables make great additions to most small spaces, since they are often significantly smaller than square or rectangular pieces.

They are often easier to maneuver as well, and are more forgiving if you do run into them while walking around, cleaning, or arranging things. Oval-shaped coffee tables are also an attractive option, with most of the same benefits as a round coffee table.

If you prefer a standard square or rectangular coffee table, make sure that the measurements suit the room and surrounding furniture. Carefully check height in comparison with the seating arrangement, to make sure they are compatible. Length and width should be proportionate to the size of the room, without taking up valuable floor space. This will make the room seem even smaller.

One important note: The more a room is filled with accessories and decorations, the smaller it will seem. In this case, the old adage that less is more rings true, as having fewer pieces of furniture in the room will indeed make the room feel larger than it is.

Just like using window coverings, ceiling style, and paint to maximize the room’s potential, finding a coffee table that fits the size of the room will make the surrounding room seem larger and more stylish.

About the author:

Alyssa Davis is a staff writer and decorating specialist with and she offers stylish suggestions for decorating with metal home decor and silver metal wall decor.

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