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It’s Time to Enjoy Your Patio Garden

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An outdoor patio garden

I know a lot of you are getting pelted with snow as of this writing and have long ago packed up the patio umbrella, benches, and chairs, but here in Texas, the climate is just getting comfortable.

This makes it a great opportunity to get out there after a hard day’s work and enjoy the patio or deck. In the past few years outdoor chimeneas have gotten incredibly popular when the temperature drops a bit.

What? You Don’t Have a Patio Yet?

The good news is that if you find yourself with the nice weather that I’m enjoying, this is the perfect time of year to build a deck or patio. It’s not longer blistering hot. It’s no longer annoyingly chilly. There are a lot of patio design choices as well as an abundance of backdoor deck designs if you would rather go that route.

The first thing to do once you’ve established the design for a concrete patio is to prepare the work area and build the concrete form. It’s a great weekend DIY project that requires minimal tools but a lot of elbow grease, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty! If you are planning on installing a free-standing patio cover this is the time to plan it.

How About a Garden Patio?

Garden patios are popular because they bring nature into the relaxation area of your back yard. This is the perfect time to start planning for spring planting.

If you’re a bit unconventional like I am, you don’t mind mixing your vegetable plants in with the annual and perennial ornamental plants. In fact, many plants benefit from matching companion plants with respect to pest control.

What to plant? Red hot peppers and tomatoes are a couple of my choices. There’s nothing like being able to lean over from your patio chair and harvest a handful of cherry tomatoes or hot peppers. That’s laziness at it’s most decadent best!

What other types of vegetation work well? Bamboo is a good alternative to a lattice for privacy, in case you opt for a hot tub. Hostas are wonderful; many varieties are fragrant and there’s bound to be a type for your climate. Jasmine is one of my favorites; when it blooms in my backyard, I can smell it almost a block away.

Furnish Your Backyard Retreat With Patio Chairs and More

How you furnish your relaxation area is a personal decision, but there are a few traditional items. How about a table with a patio umbrella sticking out of the middle for those bright afternoons? Don’t forget the chaise lounges for sunning and a few Adirondack Chairs for kicking back with a good book or a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader.

Then there’s the essential barbecue pit or smoker. My personal favorite is the Brinkman smoker. There’s nothing quite like a big slab of baby back ribs or a three pound salmon fillet.

Garden Ponds Offer Tranquility

A Backyard Garden Pond with Koi. If you really want to go crazy with this backyard remodeling, this might be something worth thinking about. You’ll have to start with a garden pond liner, filter, and pump, but even home improvement stores carry these nowadays.

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