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How to Add Water Features to Your Home Interior

Relaxing Water Fountain Considerations are Size and Style

© 2012 by Sarah Danielson All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

An artistic water fountain; photo courtesy SpeedyGonsales

There’s no denying that people like water. Totally aside from the fact that we need this essential element in order to survive, people have historically been drawn to bodies of water, including those that can provide hydration (fresh-water rivers and lakes) as well as those that are undrinkable (the oceans of the world).

We love the beauty that water provides, creating lush landscapes and a dynamic environment. But there is also the gushing, rushing, gurgling, lapping, tinkling, and overall harmonious sounds created by moving water.

And if you’re looking to add some or all of these traits to your home, there’s no reason you can’t install some sort of water feature that fits your space, your style, and your design requirements. Here are a few things to consider when adding an indoor water feature.

Consider Available Sizes of Water Features

The first thing to think about is the scope of this interior design project. The size and style of the water feature you select has a lot to do with the size and style of your home (or it should, anyway).

While you could certainly install a gargantuan, three-tiered fountain in the tiny living room of your apartment, you may have to face the fact that no other furnishings will fit in the space as a result.

Consider Fountain Styles

And although you might love the look of traditional water features (the bird-bath style), these can look decidedly out of place in your modern, minimalist home. The point is, you have many options when it comes to bringing the element of water into your space, and you need to be selective so that you find one that fits seamlessly into your existing aesthetic.

That said, there are many different types of fountains to choose from. The traditional style has water being pushed up through some kind of shaft so that it flows from the top of the fountain and cascades down a graduated structure (like nested bowls or steps, for example).

These can be large or small, although interior versions tend to be on the smaller side, like the table-top variety. The reasons for this are likely twofold. For one thing, these structures can be quite wide at the base, taking up a lot of interior space.

But the bigger they are, the more water they need, and that can make them fairly heavy, a danger in your interior space.

Soothing Methods of Water Delivery

If you’re looking to add something with slightly more wow-factor, you might consider a modern approach with some kind of weeping wall or another iteration of the drip-system style of fountain.

As indoor fountains go, these types can cover a large area without actually taking up a lot of floor space. The concept is simple enough; water is pumped up to a hose (usually hidden inside a concealing box of some sort) that runs parallel to the ceiling.

It is dotted with small holes through which the water drips, slowly trickling down a wall or other vertical feature, be it strings of beads or stacked river rocks, for example.

It could also free-fall into a pool below, although this could lead to splashing. In any case, this style of water feature tends to require the use of less square footage while still providing for an impressive structure that will add appeal to any modern home.

About the author:

Sarah Danielson is a freelance writer and part time student. In her spare time she likes to go hiking and help with an animal rescue out of Los Angeles, California.

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Article © 2012 Sarah Danielson All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.