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Southwestern Style Dining Room Furniture

Rustic Wrought Iron or Wood Furniture with Traditional Spanish or Mexican Style Sets the Tone

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An Outdoor Southwestern Dining Experience

An Outdoor Southwestern Dining Experience

This article was updated on 05/21/21.

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A Southwestern look can be one of the easiest decors to work with, if you know what to look for and where to find it.

This type of color palette and style decorating scheme can make any room more interesting and memorable, and with some time and effort, can really show some personality and creativity. Here are some ideas for furniture for a Southwestern style dining room.

Spanish or Mexican Southwestern Style

First, choose the specific type of Southwestern style you are looking for. There are a few options, unless you are going for a generic Southwestern theme. It really depends on how in-depth you want the decor to become. You can go for more rustic pieces, opt for a traditional Spanish or Mexican Southwestern style, or choose less obvious simple western pieces.

Wrought iron is a great choice, and there are many table and chair sets that offer wrought iron combinations, with wood, glass, and even vinyl tabletops, depending on your taste.

Keep in mind, though, that these pieces tend to be heavier, and can be very delicate, if they have a lot of scrollwork or trim.

It may require more than one person to move or lift the table. You can also add great Southwestern fabric choices for chairs and benches so that your furniture style is perfect in the dining room, no matter what style of Southwestern decor you use.

Solid Wood Furniture is Essential

Wood furniture, finished or unfinished, is a very common choice for Southwestern furniture themes. Whether you like something with an animal feature, such as deer antlers or animal hides, wood matches almost anything.

It goes well with almost any color palette you can imagine as well, so it is incredibly simple and natural to incorporate color into your dining room.

Leave the rustic look and keep the wood unfinished, or add a great finish to personalize the furniture. However, don’t forget some kind of sealant to protect your unfinished pieces.

Bright Colors for a Latin Flair

If you are looking for a Mexican/Spanish Southwestern flair, great pieces in warm woods and bright colors are the best choice. Most Southwestern style dining rooms that feature Mexican or Spanish themes have a lot of reds, blues, browns, greens, yellows, and whites. These beautiful and bright colors provide an excellent backdrop for a warm and inviting dining room.

Color is important for any Southwestern style dining room, not just those that lean toward a Mexican/Spanish theme. Choosing bright and warm colors will work well with wrought iron and wood finishes, and adds a unique touch to the darkness of the iron.

You can choose the fabric with your chairs or benches, on bar stools, or in simple touches, like rugs and linens in the dining room.

Finally, instead of opting for traditional lighting fixtures, choose fixtures with painted ceramic designs that offer Southwestern style. Ceramics continue the warm and vivid theme presented by a conventional Southwestern style.

Ceramics and pottery in your dishes and beverage ware, as well as serving pieces and pitchers, will add the finishing touches to an inviting Southwestern dining room.

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