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I am a self-employed writer/editor. I write a lot of articles and blog posts for site and business owners who don’t want to/have time for/hate to produce their own content. Contact me if I can help you. admin@icanfixupmyhome.com

About the Content on this Blog

The content on this blog is eclectic; you can expect to find me writing or commenting on anything I am, or expect that you may be, interested in. I do a thorough job of fact-checking everything prior to publication but much of it is well-thought-out pure opinion. If you are interested in more particular content niches, please refer to my other sites. The URLs are below.

Comments or suggestions on any post are welcome although they are moderated because of the intrusiveness of Viagra and Air Jordan shoe salespersons who try to use legitimate blogs for free advertising.

I will say upfront that I am as open-minded as the next fella but tend to lean to the right, meaning conservative. If you are OK with that, good. If not, it won’t offend me. Now enjoy.

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