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Wonderful Ways to Decorate with Wallpaper

How to Create a Dramatic Design Effect in the Kitchen with Matching Paper and Fabric

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Wallpaper Hanging

Recently I have been having a go at the art of decorating with wallpaper in a way that pretty much breaks all the rules. I’ve used an enormous outlandish print on a tiny wall space, and have really gone for it with colors to talk about.

This approach was born out of the idea that there must be more versatile ways to make a statement with wallpaper than the traditional applications.

My most recent project has been the most successful yet — if I do say so myself! The plan was to make a traditional kitchen have more of a wow factor, without ripping it out and starting again.

Working with a room featuring long narrow kitchen worktops, I proposed that we should ditch the traditional tiled splash-back and go a bit more creative. Luckily everyone was in agreement so this is what we did.

Select Wallpaper Color to Match Surroundings

Picking out a highlight color from the fleck color in the finish of the kitchen units, we selected patterned wallpaper which complimented it.

Wallpapering entirely the space between the worktop and the wall cupboards, we then finished it with clear glass panels, and then silicone-sealed it for convenience and hygienic cleaning.

Match Window Treatments to Wallpaper if Possible

A simple, toning paint color applied to the other walls in the room helped to set off the feature even further. The overall effect was fantastic, and as our chosen wallpaper style was also available in a matching fabric we were able to finish the look with Roman blinds and seat covers for the bar stools — just gorgeous.

How I’m going to top that I really don’t know… maybe I’ll exhaust some energy wallpapering the children’s Wendy house or maybe the inside of my wardrobes while I dream up some inspiration!

Or perhaps I’ll have to think up an entirely new way to do something different — whatever happens I will have a lot of fun trying.

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