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Ways to Improve the Man Cave

Installing a Bar, Mini-Fridge, and Sound System Creates the Perfect Get-Away

© 2013 by Hayley Granton; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission

A man cave with all the ameneties; photo courtesy Hayley Granton

A man relishes his own space to do the things he sees fit. Isolated from the rest of the household, a man cave is one of the few areas he can call his own.

Several steps can be introduced to not only ensure its existence but make it the envy of every male in the neighborhood.

Setting Your Boundaries

Boundaries should be enforced before any augmentation of the cave is to take place. A good lock helps the separation of the house from this area. Quiet is essential in the pursuit of some hobbies.

Writing, programming, and other mental activities flourish when they are uninterrupted. Verbal declarations that one is to be left alone are nice but the presence of a lock galvanizes this policy.

Décor that declares a dominion for men is the visual separation one needs for a man cave. Items that have no rightful place amongst the family tend to thrive here. Posters would look cheap and tacky elsewhere.

In the man cave they function as proud declarations of allegiance to your favorite sports team or beverage. A dart board or pool table would have to be exiled to the garage if not for the existence of this man’s proud domicile.

Saloon Style or a Tiki Bar? Decisions, Decisions...

The attention now shifts to the world of drink. Storage of the beverage of choice at the ideal temperature is important. The presence of a mini-fridge within reach of one’s favorite chair is a good place to start.

A full-fledged bar furnished with quality stools can be installed if one wishes to host a feast before the game. What kind is right? Choices abound; saloon-style and tiki bars are very popular.

Getting Outfitted with Electronic Gadgets

Wireless headphones provide mobility without sacrificing quality of sound. Sports are just one of the themes which a man cave can be dedicated to. A personal work space is another.

The isolation that a good headset can provide can eliminate distractions. Coupled with the increased range of motion that going wireless provides grants the flexibility to woodworking and other do it yourself projects in the man cave.

Being proactive improves the experience in the man cave. Setting up boundaries and enforcing them with a good lock work in tandem. Sports-themed décor and the addition of novelty games transform the room into a personal space.

For any type of sports or movie enthusiast, no private space is complete without cable and a large screen TV. This might just be the perfect time to make that leap to HD or 3-D TV.

The addition of refrigerators guarantees the proper temperature of the libation of choice. Wireless headphones provide the mobility to perform any task in isolation. These six steps will convert any space into the man cave the neighborhood will envy.

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About the author:

Hayley is a freelance blogger. She recommends high quality painters in Missisauga for superior house painting.

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