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Waxing and Stripping VCT Floors

Vinyl Composite Floors Continue to be Popular and Proper Maintenance is Needed

© 2012 by Jessica Spencer; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

Floor buffing in 1912

Vinyl flooring or more technically VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) flooring is one of the most prominent flooring options in both commercial and residential applications.

It is comparatively cheaper in the long run, easier to maintain, and incredibly durable compared to carpeting and has always been one of the preferred choices of business owners due to its gleaming looks.

In the Office or Home, Vinyl Floors Require Care

Do you also have VCT flooring at your office space? If so, you might have noticed that the shine of it has vanished somewhere, or it seems yellow, or dirty and not at all pleasant to see, even after mopping.

Dull and grimy floors can be a cause of embarrassment, but regular VCT maintenance through stripping and waxing procedures can give back life to your floors. Although many manufacturers claim that their flooring is “maintenance-free”, that is not real-world thinking.

Stripping and waxing of VCT floors leave a magical effect on the floors giving them admirable gleam and looks. It is the oldest and the most winning way to safeguard and maintain the quality of, and the investment in, your floors.

Stripping and Waxing to Get That Shine

You might have walked into a commercial facility and wondered that how those floors can be so shiny? Revamping your floors with regular stripping and waxing procedures can fetch you the similar gloss on the floors in your facility or home also.

This course can be time consuming and dangerous, if performed without proper guidance, training, or investment in equipment. A good alternative is to seek professional aid.

Yes, there are numerous floor care service providers, who can be hired on an annual contract and they can take total control of your maintenance schedule.

The Floor Maintenance Process

There are three steps involved here:

  1. Floor Stripping— This initial step involves the removal of any build up (and embedded grime) and the top coating of the old wax already there on the floor.

    Along with the wax, all dirt and grime will also be separated from the tile surface, leaving it smooth and bare.

  2. Sealant Application— Once the floors are stripped, it is a good practice to seal them with a good, high quality sealant.

    Although this should be an important part of the process, it never hurts to be vigilant to make certain that the professionals you hire do not skip it for the sake of brevity.

    After the application and drying of the sealant coat, a qualified floor care company buffs the floor to attain a dazzling shine. Sealants and the finish will help in extending the life of the floors by preventing abrasion, soil penetration, marks and scratches.

  3. VCT Waxing— As the final step, a superior industrial-grade wax is applied to the floors that gives the floors a rich and protecting radiance. Multiple coats of wax are applied as per the need and the final output is a lustrous floor just like new flooring.

If you do not keep up a schedule of regular stripping and waxing, it can cause you serious trouble and cost the of installing a new floor can be too heavy on your pocket, causing you to spend too much.

This regular maintenance is the key to uphold your commercial floors for many more years to come. Retaining healthy, glossy floors can give your facility a professional facade that will keep your clientele coming back again and again.

On the other hand, in a residential environment, you may adopt other methods to extend the time between services. For example, you might use runner rugs in high traffic areas (especially at the front and back door).

You can also “spot touch-up” other traffic areas by hand between full service treatments. Just be sure to use the same highest quality products available, as you do during scheduled cleanings to ensure there is no product ingredient conflict.

Do you have any floor maintenance tips to share with our readers? Enter them in the comment section below.

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