Tips for Your Wood Shop or Hobby Area

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Various Wood Working Tools

Do you have a wood shop or hobby area? Most people locate theirs in the garage, basement, or external building. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that is never any lack of tips to improve your work flow and end product. Here, in no particular order are some of my favorites.

  • Know your lumber grades. Too many people over-spend needlessly. The go-to guys in the industry is the National Hardwood Lumber Association.
  • Make a water level. This simple device does things that a four or two foot level can’t do, like transferring benchmarks around corners.
  • Use the right wood glue for the job. They’re not all the same. They are very specialized today.
  • Explore the wide world of metal and hardwood for woodworking jigs. There are a million jigs out there to make your projects easier, safer, and more accurate.
  • Learn about all the methods of woodworking joinery. Some work better than others for specific job. Some are more decorative than others. One of my favorites is the dovetail joint.

These are just a few wood shop tips to make your projects more enjoyable and productive. Got any of your own? Share them in the comment section!
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2 Replies to “Tips for Your Wood Shop or Hobby Area”

  1. For me the three keys are:
    1. Organization. A place for everything and everything in its place.
    2. Good housekeeping. A clean environment is a safe environment.
    3. Lighting. Plenty of light is essential for good outcomes.

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