Iran Defies UN Resolution 2231 with Another Missile Test

Iran conducted another ballistic missile test on Wednesday 2/8/2017 defying the U.N. yet once again. Of course like most United Nations actions, this resolution has no testicles. It’s merely their way of saying, “pretty please.”

This test occurred at the Semnan launch pad and the missile traveled approximately 35 miles before crashing. This is not the first time a test has been conducted at this facility.

Of course the liberals that follow the same terrorist sympathy mindset as ex-President Obama similarly lack a pair of stones. For example, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., called Iran’s recent ballistic missile launch “very dangerous” and said the launch “should not have happened.” I’m sure that has them shaking in their sandals.

These same liberals generally reason that since we conduct tests, people that live in terrorist hotbeds should enjoy the same right. The difference is that they want to use ordinance to kill Israel and we don’t.

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