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Replacing Vertical Blind Slats

Replace Damaged Components or Upgrade the Look of your Windows

© 2012 by Nicola Winters; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Vetical blinds in the dining room; photo courtesy Nicola Winters

Vertical blinds can really bring a home to life, offering a sleek and polished finish to any newly decorated room. Finding the perfect blind to suit the interior décor of your room is easier than you think, with a huge variety of different colors, styles and materials to choose from.

A particular favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike is wooden vertical blinds, as they offer much more durability than conventional window treatments.

It is a common occurrence for vertical blinds to need replacing every now and again as constant use and wear and tear will begin to show. However, replenishing them is easier than many may first assume, ultimately saving you valuable money.

It is far cheaper to replace a broken slat or slats than purchasing a brand new blind. This isn’t that time consuming either. To replace a broken slat you will need to purchase a new one.

If there are multiple faulty slats then it may be worth browsing the internet for clearance sales to save you extra money.

STEP 1 — Dissassembly

The first step is to remove the vane of the roller blind. This can be done by lifting it slightly to take it off the hook, once the carrier has been opened. If you are using vinyl or aluminum slats then you are likely to have a spacer chain attached.

This will also need to be removed, and can be done by detaching the screw or fastener that is holding it in place. Feed the chain through the slats until you are able to take out the broken or faulty slat that needs replacing.

STEP 2 — Insert the New Slats

The bend of the new slat will need to be aligned with the others, in the same direction. Hold the top of the new slat and gently push it up to the fastener. Lightly push it back down so that it locks into place.

Spacer chains will now need to be fed through the slats again. Thread the chain through the correct hole using the same measurement of space as before.

STEP 3 — Reassembly

It is now time to fit your vertical blind back onto its hooks and brackets and fit it to the window frame again. If the head rail is also faulty then it may be worth taking it to a store that is able to repair the damage for you.

However, you will still need to remove all the slats from the blind beforehand by using the guide above. This can be a difficult and time consuming process so asking somebody to help you is advisable.

Vertical blinds are visually appealing and functional, although they may need a touch of TLC from time to time. Ensuring that you follow these steps carefully will save you money and leave you with a sense of achievement.

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