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Prioritizing Home Improvement Projects

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels; Structurally Sound Roofs and Floors

© 2013 by Ella Andrews; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A living room in sunlight; photo courtesy Ella Andrews

Every homeowner wants their house to be perfect. But home improvements aren’t cheap and they require lots of effort and time. If you are not lucky enough to be already living in the house or flat of your dreams, then you need to invest some time and money into improving your home.

You may feel reluctant to do that and might be worried about budgeting this project, but the truth is it’s money worth spending—your home will be not only more appealing and functional, but also cozier and more welcoming.

Living in a home that looks and feels right is always preferable. An an added bonus, you’ll also be giving your home equity a healthy boost.

For Home Equity, Focus on Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

So what are the areas that require some investment that you shouldn’t hesitate to tackle? These are the essential areas at home—the bathroom and the kitchen, as most real estate agents will tell you.

In recent years, just improving the kitchen or the bathroom cost a fortune. Not everyone can afford major remodeling of these areas. However, it’s important to understand which areas do deserve the improvement.

Sometimes a minor kitchen remodeling can cost more than getting your house repainted and redecorated. The big advantage of home improvement is that you are increasing the market value of the house. Every penny spent can be returned—often even in double.

They may require a considerable budget, but they are what attract buyers to a house. Falling in love with the stunning bathroom or the cozy and functional kitchen is a guarantee for a great sale deal.

In the hottest markets, an investment in the kitchen or the bathroom can return even more than 100% of the cost. And in today’s competitive real estate market, it might just tip the scales in your favor.

Roofing and Flooring—Structurally Sound and Attractive

Your first priority should be to keep the existing structure of the house sound and work around it, not against it. A great house is a stable one that will require minimum maintenance throughout the years.

Pay attention to the roof and the flooring—these are visible areas that can make or break the way your home looks. A potential buyer will inevitably see the cracks in the flooring or the worn out finish.

Your roof is critical because if it is faulty, enhancements of everything below it will be a waste of money as soon as the rain begins. In addition to periodic preventive maintenance tasks for your roof, inspections should be performed at least twice a year.

Certainly your floors should be cosmetically passable, but they should be structurally sound as well. Any cracks in a concrete slab might signal slab foundation damage and this repair needs to be given a priority.

If you are not on a slab foundation then you have OSB or plywood subfloors secured to floor joists. Possible damage areas are bathrooms and kitchens because of water spills. Generally, it is not difficult to repair a plywood subfloor.

You might not be living in a comparatively expensive house, but if you take good care of the floor, your home will look much better.

Stretch Your Remodeling Budget

Redoing the kitchen and the bathroom will cost you thousands for sure, but these areas will last for years. Look for ways to improve the details too—the finish, the edges, the lighting, etc.

Of course, your budget will most probably have a certain limit, but your creativity shouldn’t. Not everything costs thousands these days. Try some DIY remodeling and you’d be surprised at the great results this can give to your home—a new touch and a unique appeal.

Not well-versed on DIY techniques? Many people are checking out Home Handyman magazine and getting a FREE YEAR of “how-to” photos, practical projects, and budget-friendly home repairs they can do theirselves! Click here for details.

Invest in quality wooden cabinets for the kitchen and high-quality tile for the bathroom. Use paint to your best advantage and don’t be afraid to add some unusual materials—everything unique raises the equity value of your house.

About the Author:

Ella Andrews is a writer and blogger who has great passion for home improvement projects. She is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Find out here what motivetes her most:

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