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Hardwood Floor Sanding

Paint or Apply Tile Tattoos Rather than a Complete Remodeling Project

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Tile Tatoos on Ceramic Tiles

Does your kitchen an uninteneded vintage feel because you are not willing to spend a fortune to renew it and frankly, you’re just avoiding the work and procrastinating?

Are you tired of seeing the same tired tile pattern every year? Paint nonstop offers an easy low-labor way to renovate your kitchen: paint the tiles.

The kitchen is one of the areas of the home that suffers the most from use and traffic; the tile may be damaged or have gone out of style. As time passes, the tiles in the kitchen might losing brightness and color.

And ripping out and replacing walls and countertops can be a fiscal challenge in these tough economic times. Bear in mind that all this advice applies to the bathroom as well, which is also a portal to home equity.

A remodeled kitchen
But we at Locksmith Chicago going to teach an easy and affordable way to renovate the kitchen. What do we need to renovate the kitchen?

Material and Tool List

  • TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate)
  • Sandpaper
  • Rags and rubber gloves
  • A stiff brush
  • A bucket
  • Paint roller or spray rig
  • Blue painter’s tape and sheet plastic if you plan to spray
  • Aqua Borne Blockout/Undercoater White
  • Graham Paint that incorporates ceramic microspheres. Unlike conventional paint pigments which are ragged and irregularly shaped, microspheres are smooth and round, so the paint goes on smoothly.

Steps to renovate the kitchen

  1. Before you begin, you should clean the tiles with TSP. This will remove any soap scum, oils, built-up grime, etc. The joints must be cleaned by rubbing vigorously with a brush to remove dirt, grease and mildew.
  2. Either spray or roll Aqua Borne Blockout/Undercoater White.
  3. After that coat is dry, spray or roll Graham’s Acrylic Enamel, using a universal tint if you’re not looking for a white finish. You can choose either a gloss, satin, or flat sheen.

Tile Tattoos for a Quick Fix

Don’t have much time? Do you want to invest less time, money, and effort? Tile tattoos just might be the solution you are looking for. As with painting, you will still need to prepare the surface with TSP.

Then it is simply a matter of applying the tats. There are a variety of patterns and styles you can choose from.

About the Author

My name is Emily. I love to write on Home & Kitchen Improvement.

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