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Natural Light in the Kitchen

Brighten up Your Kitchen with Windows, Skylights, and French Doors

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Large windows provide natural light in the kitchen

Working in the kitchen requires a lot of light. As well as general room lighting it is usual to have “task-focussed” lighting in specific places, for example over food preparation areas, and this type of lighting is quite often fixed underneath wall mounted cabinets.

The ideal light in the kitchen, however, is sunlight, and the more of it you let in the better.

Brighten up with Reflective Surfaces and Skylights

If your homes have small kitchens then the lighting becomes even more important so that you give an illusion of greater space. Decorate in pale colors and use reflective surfaces to make the most of the available light.

Free up your windows by taking down heavy blinds and don’t block the light with too much windowsill clutter. If you have a skylight so much the better but this is not possible in many homes.

A Remodeling Project Offers Many Advantages

If you are remodeling, then make sure you have considered the windows in the plans. You don’t have to stick with what you currently have and if space allows then introducing French doors to the garden or just larger windows will definitely elevate your design.

A large kitchen area with a small window is a real shame to see and so often happens when we get focussed on the cabinets and worktops and forget about the view outside.

There are some great designs out there with innovative openers and wide sills which are perfect for kitchens; it just needs a bit of imagination.

If you are stuck with the windows as they are then just maximize the sunlight that you get — maybe try sunshine yellow walls to create a feeling of summer, and opt for fresh light colored units and floors.

Good electric lighting will also help so do what you can to light your kitchen cleverly and settle back to enjoy the results.

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