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Modern Storage Alternatives to the Classic Clothes Closet

Organization for Clothes and More is Key when Storage Space is at a Premium

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A typical bedroom closet

A typical bedroom closet

This article was updated on 06/15/21.

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Our grandparents back in the 1950s were very happy with little or no closet shelf or hanging space, and in those days if you were among the wealthier people who had closets they were often no more than a few shallow shelves with a space for hanging a few things.

These days, even many popular and trendy tiny homes offer modern alternatives to the classic closet, while normal size homes sport walk-in closets that can be as large as a small bedroom. They are major selling points for homes, and most potential home buyers will only consider those homes that offer a modern closet as a type of amenity. But is this a great example of conspicuous consumption, or what?

The modern alternative to the classic closet often includes some combination of shelves, drawers, storage rods, shoe racks, and even spaces to house accessories. It depends on the size of the closet.

A Combination of Shelving, Drawers, and Storage Rods

The days of a simple closet with a rod for hanging clothes but little other amenities has been gone for some time now, and the addition of other storage accessories is a great way to add appeal to any home or closet.

Today it is much more common to find homes with a combination of shelf space, shallow drawers, deep drawers, and the traditional storage rods at different, adjustable heights. Walk-in closets often incorporate at least two or three of these implements, and the storage capacity is tremendously improved in these cases.

With these tools available in the closet, you’re able to store more things inside without worrying about cluttering up the closet or your bedroom. From shoes to scarves, handbags to belts, you can find a place for all of the accessories that would normally be piled in the closet or shoved into a dresser drawer awkwardly.

Organizing your home is much easier when you have large, open closets for storing things that should be in there, since it gives you more space for things that belong in each room.

The Strategic Advantage of Shoe Cubbies

They’re not just for the play area at McDonald’s anymore. Shoes cubbies are a great addition to the modern closet, and you should consider choosing different sizes to make storing different types of shoes easier.

For instance, larger cubbies are great for boots or men’s shoes, while slimmer cubbies are great for sandals and slippers. Keeping shoes organized will limit the dirt and debris that gets on the closet floor, and makes it much easier to find mates for shoes and shoes that coordinate best with specific outfits.

Rods at Different Heights

Finally, having rods that are hung at different heights is a great idea, regardless of whether the closet is for a man or a woman. One section should be high enough off the floor to accommodate long dresses, coats, and skirts, while others can be at varying heights for pants and shirts that take up far less space.

Two rods at different heights for pants and shirts will handle many more items than one rod hung in a middle space. This uses all of the closet’s space more efficiently, and you wind up with fewer items that need to be stored elsewhere.

These are great storage alternatives to the classic clothes closet to get you started. With a little brainstorming and creativity there are many other strategies you can adopt.

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