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Little Known Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Use the Psychology of color, Calculate Your Kitchen Space, and Choose a Personal Theme

© 2013 by Michelle Rebecca; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A bright kitchen interior space; photo courtesy Michelle Rebecca

Not everyone has abandoned their kitchen as a place to prepare delicious home-cooked meals. Depending on the structure of your living space, the kitchen also has the potential to also be a gathering place for friends and family.

With this in mind, it’s important to put a lot of thought into how a makeover goes. You want to be sure to make key decisions should you decide to remodel this space.

Colors That Say ”Yum” versus Colors That Say “Yuck”

There are a few things to remember when it comes eating. Know that we eat with our eyes first. Believe it or not, certain colors can stimulate the appetite.

If you want visitors to your kitchen to show up hungry and stay that way, consider bright colors such as red and orange. The brighter the reds, the better. Conversely, those attractive blues you’re considering will do the exact opposite, and will visual encouraging people to stop eating or not really feel hungry.

Also, use a bit of common sense when it comes to attractiveness. Some color schemes scream “tasteless” and completely defeat the purpose of a makeover.

If your kitchen grosses everyone out with its looks and colors, who is going to want to cook or eat there? Get some feedback on what colors are most welcoming and appetite-inducing.

Aim for Practicality

So many bright ideas for a new kitchen run out of space. Quite literally. Be aware of the space you have to work with and exactly what can fit. It can be frustrating to have put everything into place except that one major appliance that you didn’t correctly measure for.

So measure once, twice, as many times as needed to be sure how much you have and need. It’s always wise to err on the side of caution in these situations.

160x160 Try to be practical regarding what’s possible—don’t design for a kitchen twice the size of the one you have. That is, unless you intend to knock down walls and create the necessary room.

And if you do, please verify that you are not taking out a load-bearing wall. Otherwise, appreciate the size of the room and what items you can and can’t include. If you’re creative enough, you’ll find that even a tiny kitchen can be inviting and charming.

On That Note, Be Creative

Inspiration comes from anywhere when it comes to themes for your kitchen. Whether it’s an old bookcase or an old set of 1999 mustang parts, you can find color themes, wallpaper, or decoration ideas that can jazz up your kitchen.

Before you know it, the kitchen may end up becoming the centerpiece of your entire house. Which is fine, by the way; modern kitchens tend to be open and serve as gathering places.

If you don’t feel as if there are any ideas that you can come up with on your own, get some feedback from friends and family. If you’ve got the extra money to spend, consider getting professional advice about what sort of post-makeover looks you can more than just live with. You want something that you’ll love for years and years.

Don’t be afraid to stray outside the norm, so long as you’re shooting for a final product that is in good taste.

About the Author:

Michelle is a blogger and freelancer. She’s written about almost every topic under the sun, and loves constantly learning about new subjects and industries while she's writing. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her dogs. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

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