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Are There any Indoor Plants that Like a Shaded Room?

House Plant Selection for Home Staging or Interior Decorating Adds Elegance and Comfort

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Ferns make good house plants; photo courtesy Sanjay ach

Not everyone lives in a home where there is a never ending supply of light but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a house full of plants if this applies to you. Equally a blooming display does not have to be restricted to just areas of a home where there is light.

If you have a home, or an area of your home, that is shaded, you just need to make sure that you choose the plants to house there wisely. So which plants make a great choice in this situation?

The Classic Style of a Peace Lily

The peace lily is a very sophisticated looking house plant, and one of the few blooming plants that thrives in a shaded environment. In fact these attractive plants have a strong dislike for the sun.

Peace lilies provide a striking decorative environment for a room with their shiny green foliage and graceful, pristine white blooms. They are a relatively easy plant to care for and have the potential to live for many years and grow to sizes of several feet tall by several feet wide.

The Durability of the Aspidistra

This difficult-to-kill specimen is also known as the cast iron plant for this reason. If you want some natural decoration for your home, that isn’t going to take up a lot of your time in maintenance, the aspidistra is it.

You don’t get the benefit of blooms, the way you do with a peace lily, but you do get the benefit of beautiful green foliage that remains present in lots of conditions, including wet to dry situations. The aspidistra is a truly adaptable house plant that will thrive in a shady area of your home.

The Colorful Foliage of the Snake Plant

Otherwise known by the humorous name of mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant adds a pop of color to a shady room. Its marbled green and yellow leaves wind and twist up to their spiky tips creating a striking picture.

The Delicacy of a Fern

It doesn’t apply to every fern that exists, but many of these plants produce a fantastic display of attractive foliage in shadier sections of your home. It should be noted that they are not best suited to deep shade.

It’s also important to note that ferns need to have a humid environment to survive in. Thy need to be kept hydrated and misted often; this prevents their fronds from drying out and turning brown.

Ferns are one of the oldest varieties of plant alive today, in fact; ferns first appear in the fossil record 360 million years ago in the late Devonian period. But even today can make a truly impressive decoration for your home if they are cared for correctly.

You Don’t Have to Have Much Light

You can see that you don’t have to have a home full of bright sunlight to have a home full of colorful house plants. In fact many plants prefer a little shade. As with any aspect of the life of your house plants one of the most imprint things to note is that you need to watch carefully.

Plants are like people, they can have individual preferences. So when you buy a new plant and situate it, just keep an eye on it to make sure it likes its new surroundings.

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