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Increase the Value of Your Home with 5 Quick Renovations

Selling a Home can Hinge on Improvements that are Both Cosmetic and Practical

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Various types of window blinds; image courtesy Chuck Marean

When you are trying to place your home on the market and you want to get the most profit out of the sale, there are a few ways to go about increasing the value of your property with quick renovations.

Implementing a few renovations in and around your home is a surefire way to not only attract more potential buyers to your showings, but to ultimately gain more profit once you make the sale. Let’s look at 5 easy ones.

  1. How to Increase Curb Appeal

    Yes, curb appeal is a popular buzz word but what does it really mean? How does it affect potential buyers who are interested in the property?

    Simply put, this is the immediate “wow” factor that happens when a prospective buyer first sets eyes on your abode. This is what emotional first impressions are all about. Of course you won’t be able to suit every taste so consider a few generic ones.

    Plant a new tree or flowers along the outside of your home. Ensure that your property is always well-kept at all times, especially during the selling process. This means keeping the grass mowed, the hedges trimmed, and the trash cans put up out of sight.

    Adding solar landscape lighting can also quickly add to curb appeal inexpensively. Many realtors consider the front door to be a critical element since it is the primary portal to the home. Give it a fresh coat of paint and if the doorknob is blemished, change it.

  2. Install Custom Window Coverings

    Consider adding new custom window coverings throughout the main windows of your home.

    Having window treatments custom-made for the larger windows in your house is a way to show off ceiling height and accentuate any decor you want to stand out. When you have customized coverings for your windows, your home is more likely to stand out to potential onlookers who may be interested in your home.

    If you live in a hurricane or blizzard-prone location, why not consider installing storm shutters? Yes, this will involve an outlay of cash but imagine not wrestling with plywood at the last minute. And if your home is on the market, this is a great selling point.

  3. Refresh the Interior Paint

    Refresh the paint in your home with white, brown, and neutral colors. Adding a fresh coat of paint drastically improves the overall appearance at atmosphere of any space, regardless of its size.

    Using lighter colors also opens up and adds space to smaller areas, ideal when selling a home. Also consider the paint sheen. The slicker (shinier) the paint is the easier it will be to clean but the more surface imperfections it will show up.

  4. Consider Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Appliances

    Consider upgrading your home’s appliances if you have the budget available. Purchasing energy-efficient Energy Star appliances adds to your home’s value and also gives your home a bigger appeal to those who are looking to ultimately save money with their move.

    Many of these appliances also qualify for a federal energy tax credit when you file your taxes with the IRS. Be sure to verify this when you are shopping as the rules change from year to year at the whim of the government.

  5. Rid Clutter

    Rid clutter from your home entirely. Remove knickknacks and other décor that is not necessary to give the appearance of more space when you begin attempting to sell your home.

    The cleaner and larger your home appears, the more valuable it is to potential onlookers who may be interested in buying it.

Increasing the value of your home with quick renovations is a way to attract more buyers and to earn more money on the overall sale of the property once it is final. The more time and effort you put in to various renovations around any property you want to sell, the easier it is to attract those who are interested in it themselves.

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