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How to Remodel Your Bathroom for Less

Expensive Plumbing Fixtures and Designer Contractors can Wreak Your Budget

© 2012 by Lauren Tessin; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

A remodeled bathroom; photo courtesy Kraemarie

Are you planning to take on a remodeling project for your bathroom? If so, during the middle of the current economic crisis, spending money for an upgrade project can be tough.

Then again, you can still push through with it while spending less. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, here are some tips on how to give your bath a face lift for less cash out of pocket:

  • Know what you need to do.

    Before you begin your project, be sure that you know what you want to do. You should check which areas that need to be remodeled. You can opt to have the entire bathroom reconstructed or only certain areas like the toilet or washroom for instance.

    It’s important to think of a plan before remodeling your bathroom. Otherwise, you might end up with spending costs for items which are not really necessary. Splurge where you can, but be realistic about your necessities.

    Also, once you have made a plan, estimate the cost of your remodeling project. Having only some portions remodeled or buying fixtures with the same functionality but scaled-down cosmetics at a lower price will be cheaper.

  • Save Money.

    The next step after identifying the type of remodeling you need for your bathroom is to save money. Remember, you can only start on the project if you have the budget, so make sure that you set aside enough money for that.

    You can save at least ten to twenty percent of your money on a monthly basis. Avoid borrowing money if possible so that you won’t be obliged to pay high interest rates.

  • Buy Materials that are Durable but Inexpensive.

    Next, you have to canvass for materials and supplies which are durable and of good quality and at the same time also affordable. For example, if a faucet has a less elegant exterior than a fancier expensive one, but they both have heavy-duty brass valves internally, which is the better choice?

    Again, it depends on your construction budget. You can check online for the best buys. Or you can also visit stores selling construction materials and supplies so you can compare prices and quality. Buying your own materials will help you save more money.

  • Buy Supplies Ahead of Time.

    You can also save more when you buy supplies ahead of time during big sales. You can buy some of the supplies from bulk sales when the vendor is overstocked. So watch out for discounts and promos.

    In particular, they very end of the year is usually the best time to buy. Why? Because that is when businesses are required to do an inventory for tax purposes, and they love to get rid of stock rather than count it.

  • Save on labor costs.

    Take note that remodeling your bathroom will require labor, usually quite intensive with all the fixtures, wiring, tile, medicine cabinets, etc., all in tight quarters.

    If you want to save on labor costs, you can do the remodeling project yourself with the aid of friends or relatives. Or you can hire someone who would charge less for labor. Take note too that the more people you hire, the more money you would need.

    The one caveat here that in most locales, because of the local building codes, you must pull a permit and get inspections. This requires a licensed plumber. So if possible, you can just hire one or two people to do the job.

You can remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune. Just take note of these tips and you’ll surely be able to do it.

This article was written by the writer of, a website that talks about the costs for just about everything.

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