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How to Make Your Home Business More Eco-Friendly

Minimize Paperwork, Recycle when Possible, and Adopt Techniques to Lower Utility Bills

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A green conference table; photo courtesy Kathryn Thompson

If you have ever considered that making your home business more eco-friendly to boost your business image with your clients, then you are on the right track.

When you decide to set up an environmental plan for your business, your enterprise can be improved through the changes you implement.

Implementing an eco-friendly plan will not only show your customers a green image, but it can be money-saving, due to the fact of a continuous increase of energy rates. Continue to read for some unconventional tips.

First, whatever plan you develop, make sure your management team (which is probably just you and perhaps a partner) wet their feet. Remember that preaching along with an example is more effective.

When you set up any sustainable commerce plan, supervisors and managers have to be the first ones to sign on in order to show leadership. Here are some ideas you may consider applying:

Dealing with Never-Ending Paperwork:

There are many occasions where paper is absolutely not necessary; you can email your staff instead using electronic means. When staff members are collaborating on a document, use computer software that facilitates this.

Adobe Acrobat is one such application. It will allow you to set permissions, track changes, and eliminate read/write conflicts.

Yet another way that you can save paper: whenever you need to photocopy a document, you can use the double-side technique and avoid having to use a cover sheet when faxing.

Energy-Saving Techniques to Lower Utility Bills:

Turn off lights, computers, printers, and fax machines. Better still, for overhead fluorescent lights, install motion sensors so the lights will go off when the occupant takes a break or goes to lunch.

Unplug shredders before leaving your business and when they are not in use. Turning appliances off is not enough. Electronic devices such as TVs, computers and phone chargers can still use trickle electricity if they remain plugged.

Reusing and Refurbishing:

The use of a reusable coffee filter can be cost-effective and make a great impact to the environment in the long run due to not clogging the land fill unnecessarily.

Furthermore, you may want to contract companies that specialize in refurbishing office chairs and furniture. New furniture is expensive to begin with and often business-related purchases pay a premium since both parties know the cost is deductible.

Educate People about Water Usage:

Let your staff know about how to close faucets properly when they are done. Only one drop of dripping water per second wastes about 833 gallons per month.

The Washington State Department of Ecology recommends looking for the WaterSense Label when purchasing new products that use water.

Educate in the Importance of Recycling:

Many people are still not aware of the great damage a simple leaking battery or prolonged lead exposure can cause to your brain and kidneys. The newer compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, which is a toxic element.

People need to be informed on how to get rid of these items properly and safely. In most areas, office supply stores and even Walmart offer free recycling services by placing dedicated drop-off containers inside the store.

Download green tips and recycling ideas to email your staff. Try to change the use of regular batteries to rechargeable batteries and make a battery charger available to all. Label a special battery box in your business and encourage employees to use it.

Often, when people or business start going green, they believe they need lots of resources to implement it, which is far from being true. I strongly urge you to start with small changes, which will become big changes over time.

I urge you to share with other businesses what you are doing. When you initiate good actions for the environment (and in many cases your bottom line, it can be contagious.

It can also open doors for business opportunities, but don’t forget the major reason why you are doing is environmental awareness. This is a classic win-win.

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