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How to Eliminate Clutter at Home

Spring Cleaning with a Focus on Organization and Disposal of Un-Needed Items

© 2013 by Alyssa Davis; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Scrubbing the floor; photo courtesy Ella Andrews

If you walk around your home and you find it difficult to move around because of clutter, having to tiptoe around furniture, boxes, and all manner of personal belongings, then it may be time for a change.

If you can’t clean your home because of excessive quantities of clutter, then you will need to deal with it before things get out of hand.

Decluttering and organizing will help you keep your home in check, clean, and harmonious, rather than resembling a warehouse or someone’s garage. Many of the items we use around our homes can be disposed of or stored so they can open the way for more free space.

Scrubbing the floor; photo courtesy Ella Andrews The most attractive objects, such as lamps, vases, and other items which may serve a decorative purpose should stay if they are looking good, though other objects should be disposed of so you can save your space for something more useful.

Decluttering has its own difficulties, depending on the room and size of the clutter itself so keep that in mind when you work to be prepared to throw away things you’ve had for years.

It is unavoidable, but in the end you will find you never needed them to begin with. Follow these guidelines when you work:

  • Obtain four large cardboard boxes from a grocery store or a similar place. Mark out each box with a different purpose, such as sell, keep or charity or even trash.

    A large plastic bag can also work for the latter, depending on your needs and the items you’re throwing away. If you find yourself with a pile of clothes that you no longer use, why not organize a clothes swap?

  • Work on a time limit to prevent getting tired, for example an hour before you take a break. Dealing with this type of work requires you to make emotional decisions, so thinking about certain things will work well. You can set a timer to prevent going too far if you’re not one to keep track of time.

  • Separate your belongings in piles on the floor, matching those of your boxes. Doing so will allow you a certain degree of freedom when you need to move things around if you change your decision.

  • Take your time and work one room at a time. This will allow you to focus and deal with the possessions at a more steady, easier pace.

  • Vacuum the floor and clean it up. Once you are done with the decluttering you will have a chance to enjoy a cleaner, tidier home you may have not seen in months if not years.

    Having plenty of space to use will give your home a sense of aesthetics you may have missed.

  • Check out the box of items you intend to keep and decide whether you can donate or sell some of the items in there. It may be difficult to consider, however items you have not used for at least a year may not be needed anymore.

    Giving someone else a chance to enjoy them is a sensible thing to do, right? After all—sharing is caring.

  • Take the charity box to your vehicle. Find a suitable place where you can donate them and drive them over there or call them for a pickup instead. Check out any items you want to organize for a garage or yard sale and consider how you want to handle this.

    Certain items can be easily sold online, such as books and other small items through certain websites like eBay.

About the author:

Cindy Davis is writer and freelancer. She has great passion for cleaning and desinfection matters, as it is of great importance of her family’s health to always keep their home clean and sanitized. Therefore her present article is focused around this exact topic. Find some more of her tips and advice here:

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