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Emerging Architectural Design Styles

Functionality and Aesthetics from Passive Solar to Industrial Lofts

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An inner city industrial loft

Home design styles have traditionally always been in flux. These periodic changes are driven by different forces. A lot of it is evolving functionality. Before air conditioning or modern heating became the norm, the architectural bottom line was oriented around comfort.

A couple of these functional driving forces were thick walls and high ceilings. But base functionality has not been the singular driving force. Culture as well as increased security have also been factors with a strong influence. What kind of changes have occurred as we’ve migrated into this modern time that we find ourselves living in?

Even though we can’t predict what will happen far into our uncertain future, we can rest assured that what is coaxing today’s design styles into being and shaping the architectural style of the foreseeable future depend on various societal factors.

A currently popular functional style is referred to as sustainable or green design. Of course, visual design styles may or may not accompany green design concepts. That part is mostly up to the designer and how he responds to consumer demands.

Passive Solar Design Revolves Around the Sun

In almost all locales, the sun and the heat generated by it are our allies. The can also be among our worst enemies with respect to the quantity of energy our homes use. Passive solar design endeavors to utilize contemporary architecture to work in conjunction with the forces of nature, not just to try to counter its effects.

To sum it up, the basic idea is to absorb solar energy during the frigid winter months, and conversely, reject it during the warmer summer winter.

Some Residential Design Concepts to Keep in Mind

  • Thermal mass is taken under consideration when selecting building materials.
  • Similar to window placement, sun rooms and solariums are situated in places where they may be enjoyed during the colder months. In some parts of the world, fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown year round in solariums.
  • It goes without saying that our windows are crucial when harnessing the sun’s radiant energy. Window placement should be concentrated on the sides of the house that overwhelmingly receive the winter sun. (Initial structure alignment should always take this factor into consideration.)

Understanding the Urban or Industrial Design Style

This visual designer style is associated often with contemporary inner city industrial lofts. Many of these vintage spaces have been reclaimed and turned into artist or yuppie digs. Most of these residences are characterized by industrially stark brick walls and a generous use of rough-hewn wood and metal.

The typical floor plan is usually wide open with any walls erected only when needed. The overall ambiance is often described as hipster minimalism. The furniture stays true to the theme of the living area.

More Contemporary Styles with Promising Staying Power

  • Revival architecture seeks to marry the past to the present. For example, it may take colonial, Victorian estate, or Tudor style and bestowing on it a modern touch.
  • Have you always dreamt of your own beach home? The Mediterranean style never seems to go out of fashion.
  • As implied by the name, the contemporary style is defined by what is happening “now.” The now may keep changing as it always will but never so rapidly that it cannot be kept up with. In that sense, the contemporary owns the future as no other style does. At least for now.

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