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Decorating the Half-Bathroom with Style

This Project will Add to Home Equity with a Retro, French Flair, or the Design Theme of Your Choice

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Decorate your half-bath for home equity, photo courtesy Alyssa Davis

The half-bathroom is quietly tucked away off of the kitchen or down a side hallway close to the family room, so it gets little attention. Sure, you decorated it when you moved in, but the haphazard collection of old framed prints and mismatched hand towels is a far cry from the decorating that the room could use.

Try some of the easy half-bathroom decorating themes below to turn this tucked away spot in your home into a beautiful reflection of your home.

Mirrors, Mirrors, Everywhere

Start by giving the half-bathroom a fresh coat of pale pink or cream colored paint. A quick touch up of the white baseboards and you are ready to go. Gather a collection of inexpensive mirrors and string ribbon through the back to form a loop.

Hang them in an artistic grouping on the main wall of the bathroom. Use the same colored ribbon from the hangers and weave it into the vanity mirror’s frame. Combined with some soft, but adequate lighting from an overhead chandelier, your mirrored bathroom will be a pretty, feminine reflection of your home’s décor.

Try the Retro-Inspired Style

Do not let the fun of the 1950s pass you by when you are deciding on themes for your half-bathroom. Replace the worn linoleum floor with some black and white tiles arranged diagonally. Paint the walls white and make sure that the faucet and other accessories are shiny and silver.

On the walls, hang retro inspired artwork or metal wall sculptures depicting iconic images of the era. Play on the black and white theme by adding hand towels in one of the colors.

Perfectly French Flair

The French have a way of decorating that is both sophisticated and feminine. The use of the fleur-de-lis is one of the easiest ways to incorporate this sense of French decor into your half-bathroom. Paint the walls in French blue and accent them with white trim and wainscoting.

A fleur-de-lis metal wall hanging would be a great accent piece for the space, as it is usually not too large for the space, but does provide adequate visual focus. You can also add French accents in the hand towel holder’s design, the tissue box holder, and any other accessory pieces you wish to include.

Your room will take on a decidedly French flair and be a one of a kind space that your guests will enjoy. Decorating the half-bathroom is one of those extra projects that frequently gets put off for other, larger ones.

It can be difficult to see it as a priority unless it is in very poor shape. However, by taking the time to make the half-bathroom special, you send the message to guests and other family members that no matter where they are in the house, their comfort is equally important to you. With some creative and thoughtful decorating, you can create a half-bathroom that you will be proud to show off.

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About the author:

Home design expert, Alyssa Davis of, is particularly skilled in designing with rustic welcome signs and Tuscan themed metal art.

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