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DeWalt DWS520 Track Saw Power Tool Review

Bridging the Gap Between a Circular and Table Saw; Competing with Festool, Makita, and EurekaZone

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DeWalt Track Saw DWS520 for Christmas, Photo Copyright Kelly Smith

You wouldn’t think that a tool that was introduced so long ago by Festool, yet remained ignored by other power tool developers for so long. But that's what occurred. But it happened, the competition woke up, and the Festool TS55 sharing market share with DeWalt’s DWS520, Makita’s SP6000K, and EurekaZone’s EZSmartGuide (for use with any brand circular saw).

How Much do Track Saws Cost?

The EurekaZone goes from $160 - $472, depending on how many track sections you want. The Makita will set you back between $380 and up, DeWalt is in the $500 ballpark, Festool in on the high end around $562.

Carpenters and woodworkers are debating whether the outlay of cash for these saws (also called plunge saws) is justified. And no wonder since the price seems a bit steep. But since these are contractor-grade tools, you get what you pay for.

So Let’s Look at the DeWalt

This is the one I’m reviewing since I own it. I haven’t used the other ones. The DeWalt marketers state, “table saw precision, panel saw capacity, hand saw portability.” Here’ the features I like:

  • It will cut parallel to the floor (as in cutting doors), I’m told the Festool won’t.

  • Anti-kickback. Any carpenter who’s ever wielded a Skil saw understands the frustration possible waste of material when the blade binds in the lumber and the saw kicks like a mule with an attitude. The DWS520 has a feature that eliminates the resulting travel-back.

  • Blade depth setting. This saw takes the track into consideration when you set the depth and Festool doesn’t; yes, it is a little detail, but a handy one.

  • The DeWalt is compatible with the Festool rail or track but the opposite is not true.

Bevel-Cutting Made Easy

I use a router table for cutting fancy corners but when I just need a simple bevel, the track saw is fast and avoids “wood-burns” that sometimes happen with dense wood and a hot router bit.

It Comes in a Cordless Flavor as Well

A cordless version is available for those job sites that aren’t hot yet. Expect to pay more for it because of expensive batteries and the fact that a battery charger must be included in the package.

Thumbs up for the Craftsman table saw In the final analysis, this is a great saw to have in the shop. For building contractors, it sometimes avoids the chore of taking material back to the shop from the work site for alteration. And for garage woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts, it will take the place of multiple power tools and make the most of available shop space.

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