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Creative Storage Ideas For the Kitchen

Organize or Build a Pantry, Install a Kitchen Island with Drawers and Cabinet Space

© 2010 by Jessica Ackerman; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

A Breakfast Bar and kitchen interior; photo by Kelly Smith

The kitchen is often requires the greatest amount of storage in the smallest amount of space. Creative storage ideas for the kitchen are highly sought after by those needing more room to keep things that belong in the kitchen, from dishes and serving utensils to foodstuffs and much more.

Here are a few of the most popular and effective storage solutions for the kitchen, in no particular order.

Kitchen Islands for Extra Storage

This is one of the most popular options, as it requires very little work and is relatively affordable, making it a viable option for even budget-conscious homeowners.

Because there are varieties that do not require any form of mounting, it is also a very good option for those renting a home or needing something more versatile. An island works well in most kitchens, and there are many retailers offering floating kitchen islands that match most decors and styles.

A kitchen island with drawers and cabinets for extra storage space.
Kitchen islands can feature shelves, drawers, or doors for additional storage in the kitchen. Some offer more than one of these options, giving you added versatility and usability for multiple items.

One of the best choices is a drawer and door combination, so that you have room for dishtowels and other linens, small serving utensils, eating utensils, your butcher knife collection, and a few small kitchen appliances in the same space.

Organize a Pantry or Build a Walk-In Model

A lot of kitchens in newly built homes come with a pantry already added, but most homeowners make the mistake of believing they are solely for food storage.

While the majority of the space is typically reserved for non-perishable food items, there is nothing wrong with setting aside a portion of the pantry for storing other items needed in the kitchen.

A large pantry is like a bonus room for your kitchen storage needs. In fact, in many older homes, the architect didn’t specify one and the general contractor didn’t build one.

But in many cases, it’s possible to build a walk-in pantry with some simple carpentry skills and by claiming a bit of garage space.

For instance, shelving is often included in the pantry to make storage easy and adaptable for a variety of items. Store pet-related items on lower shelves, such as food and treats.

Set litter and similar products on the floor below the lowest cabinets, making sure that children and pets cannot open containers.

Use the middle shelves for foodstuffs, taking special care of perishables that do not belong in the refrigerator. Top shelves can be used for items that you use less often, such as roasting pans or mixers.

Optimum Functionality with Multi-Purpose Furniture

Some furniture options are multi-functional, such as china cabinets and dining tables with drawer space. These multi-purpose styles are ideal for additional storage, and you can store a variety of related items even in a small space.

For instance, you can use a dining table drawer for tablecloths and runners, or cloth napkins and rings.

Multi-functional furniture offers more value per dollar than furniture with only one intended purpose. You can find these pieces in many different places, from antique stores to modern furniture retailers, with a little bit of research beforehand to know where you are going.

Beauty is valuable, but versatility and functionality are unbeatable for creative storage ideas for the kitchen. Do you have any creative storage ideas? Share with our readers in the comment section below!

About the author:

Staff writer for, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using wall hanging crosses and flowers wall art.

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