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Creating a Beach Theme in Your Bedroom

Bring the Seaside Atmosphere into Your Home

© 2012 by Alyssa Davis; All rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without author’s written permission.

A beach themed bedroom is relaxing; photo courtesy Alyssa Davis

There is something soothing and relaxing about a beach theme bedroom that inspires quiet introspection and joy. Perhaps it is the calming blue or the brilliant white that makes the soul relax and just want to rest for awhile.

Whatever it is, a beach theme’s ability to relax people is a definite must-have for any bedroom decor. Create a beach theme in your bedroom using the tips below to get you started.

Blue Water Walls are Calming

The most important part of a beach theme is the colors that are used. Pale, ocean blue walls are the first step. The color should be muted and soft to encourage relaxation and breathing. If the walls are too bright, they will appear jarring and unwelcoming.

If they are too pink or have a strong warm undertone, the will seem out of place and not at all indicative of the ocean feel you are after. Take your time finding the right color and try out different samples of the colors on your wall before committing to one shade.

Use Natural Beach Tones for Accent Colors

After the wall colors, the accent colors in a beach theme room are critical to the success of the space. White and light tan are the two natural choices, as they are reflective of the colors normally found at the beach.

Use a light tan area or throw rug to draw the eye and have blankets and linens in white to create an airy, open feel. If solid white bedding is too intimidating, find duvet covers or comforters that have soft shades of the same blue and tan in them to combine with the white.

You can also add throw pillows to the bed’s linens in the same blue and tan to help carry the colors throughout the space.

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Affordable Decorating Accessories

Accessories are the easiest and most green and frugal part of any beach theme room. A simple glass vase of sea shells and sand makes a great nightstand accent.

A small nightstand lamp with shells around the edge of the shade or even in a starfish print creates the definite feel of the beach.

If you have a chair in your bedroom, be sure to add a white throw blanket to the arm or back of it to help carry the color theme through. Heavy curtains should be replaced with light, airy white ones, as well.

Remember, the key is to have soft, light, airy colors and design to make the space feel more welcoming and relaxing.

With a beach theme bedroom there is no reason why you should not have a relaxing night’s rest. The colors and accessories in the decor combine to create the perfect cocoon of relaxation and peace.

You might find yourself retiring for the night early, just to read a book in the comfort of your bed in your newly redecorated space. The beach will feel near and the peace that the ocean provides will be close at hand. Do not forget to add a sound machine set to the ocean waves at night to complete the feel!

About the author:

Alyssa Davis writes and designs for and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with bathroom metal artwork and beach metal wall art.

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