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Color Contrasts That Make Teens Happy

Bedroom Interior Decorating to Please Both Parents and Kids

© 2011 by Alyssa Davis; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Girl's Bedroom Decorated in Pink

Teenagers rarely like the color palettes that Mom and Dad or other caregivers choose, often simply because they are Mom and Dad’s choice. However, by choosing something that is out of the ordinary, within reason, you can appeal to your teenager’s sense of style, making both of you happy and leaving the harder decisions for another time.

Color contrasts that make teens happy and satisfy a parent’s desire to keep the room from looking bizarre are actually available!

In today’s world of video game overkill, it is more important than ever that teens keep up with their physical fitness, but at the end of the day they need a comfortable space to unwind—their bedroom.

Classic Black and White, the Ultimate Color Contrast

One of the most common color contrast choices for teenagers and young adults is a classic black and white combination. This is a true color contrast, meaning that the colors are opposite on the color wheel, and virtually any accessory option works with this color contrast.

So whether your teen is a boy or girl, likes hot pink or charcoal gray, you will be able to find shades and options that coordinate and are easy to swap out as his or her tastes continue to evolve.

One thing to remember is that teens often change their minds about what they want in a bedroom frequently, so it’s a great idea to use a cling or other form of adhesive for wall décor that will not stick to or damage the wall if he or she changes things up six months from now.

If you want to keep it simple, you don’t have to add any other colors to a classic black and white color palette with a few tricks. Things need to be somewhat busy, such as a great black and white print or pattern to give the eyes something to look at.

Consider a great silhouette in black against a white wall for example. You can choose something that they like, such as a snowboarder or heart-shaped shadow, and add it directly to the wall as a silhouette.

Gender-Oriented Contrasts

Boys and girls traditionally like very different color palettes, although you may see either gender choose shades that are classically for the other gender in certain circumstances.

For example, there are thousands of girls that love the color blue, and many boys who like shades of purple.

The easiest way to incorporate these shades is to contrast them in the right direction, often white for girls and black for boys. Just be careful when contrasting dark shades with black, since this can overwhelm the room and make the space feel too oppressive.

In general, girls like shades that are decidedly feminine, such as pinks, reds, yellows, purples, and similar colors, whereas the boys like the darker, more masculine shades, such as greens, blues, browns, and so on. Knowing this will make your interior decorating decisions easier.

Girls tend to gravitate toward the vibrant shades of most colors, while boys lean toward the earthy, simple tones in most cases. Pair these with the contrasts listed above to create a great color palette that is easy to coordinate with other shades.

You can even use lighter or darker shades of the same color for coordination, such as for accessories, without having to wonder whether the shades work well together.

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About the author:

Home decor specialist, Alyssa Davis, is a regular writer for, and she offers many ideas on how to design your favorite rooms with Tuscan metal wall decor and porch metal wall art.

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