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6 Upgrades to Improve the Value of Your Home

Basement Finishing, Energy-Efficient Windows, Home Automation, and More

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A worker replacing garage door spring pulley; image courtesy Jayla Barnsen

Your home represents a significant investment. The place where you live and raise your family should be cared for with pride. Some home improvements go farther than others toward improving your homes overall value.

Consider these six improvements that will greatly increase your property value.

  1. Add Living Space by Finishing the Basement

    No one wants to live in a crowded home. One of the best ways to add value to your home and make it more comfortable for your growing families is by making better use of the space you already have. Finish the basement, and add new space for your entire family to enjoy.

  2. Replace Your Garage Door for Beauty and Security

    Add curb appeal as well as security to your home with a new garage. Having a place to store your car that can double for storage is a big win.

    Browse online with companies such as The Garage Door Company Ltd. to find quality garage doors in Calgary that fits your home.

  3. Install Energy-Efficient Windows to Save Money

    New windows add a lot of value and home equity for little expense or hassle. As an added bonus, high-quality double or triple-pane windows also provide energy savings.

    You might find that replacing old windows actually pays for itself within a couple of years. You might save money right off the bat; some windows qualify for a federal energy tax credit. Be sure to check your location and window construction to determine eligibility.

  4. Upgrade Home Systems and Perform Regular Maintenance

    Up-to-date heating and cooling systems help to keep your home more comfortable and often also result in savings as they operate more efficiently than old, worn out systems.

    You might also look into the various ways you can move up to the evolving technology of home automation. For example, you may have heard of the Nest Learning Thermostat on TV or in the news. It learns your preferences and programs itself and you can adjust it remotely via Wi-Fi with your smartphone, tablet, etc.

    Plumbing, sewage and electrical systems all require regular maintenance and updates as well. If you update your home systems when necessary and regularly attend to routine maintenance, your home will be easier to sell and hold its value well.

  5. Add Curb Appeal by Landscaping Your Lawn

    Landscaping is an inexpensive way to improve or maintain your home’s value. In addition to planting and maintaining gardens, shrubbery and other plants, add a few decorative touches as well.

    LED lighting along the sidewalk up to your home adds beauty to the home’s exterior as well as extra safety for visitors coming or going after dark.

  6. Install New Cabinetry for an Affordable Upgrade

    Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms in any home. Add value to either of these rooms by installing additional cabinetry.

    You can use a service to install new cabinetry and countertops or turn the home improvement into a weekend project. Improvements can even be accomplished by simply sanding and refinishing cabinetry that already exists in a home.

These home upgrades are just a few to consider to not only keep your residence up to date but also increase its value. Got more tips? Share them with other readers in the comment section below!

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