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6 Home Renovation Ideas for the Spring Season

Shake Off the Winter Blues and Take Care of those Improvement Projects

© 2013 by Vicky Hyde; all rights reserved; content may not be copied, rewritten, or republished without written permission.

Spring renovation; photo courtesy Vicky Hyde

Spring’s mild weather and longer days provide the perfect backdrop for your home renovations. Below are the six most popular renovations you can complete this spring:

  1. Updating Your Kitchen:

    A popular renovation to accomplish is a kitchen renovation. Renovating a kitchen can potentially include updating cabinet hardware or installing new counter tops and faucet.

    Another renovation perfect for the kitchen could include new flooring or new cabinetry. If you can’t stand the expense of complete new cabinets or want to design your own look, consider checking out Rockler’s exclusive Custom Cabinet Door and Drawer program.

  2. Energy-Saving Trends:

    Spring is a great time to make your home more energy-efficient. Updates could include adding a new energy-efficient HVAC system or installing new energy-efficient windows.

    In addition to these projects, you can add some insulation and/or radiant barrier foil to the attic. Did you know that insulation is your best bang-for-the-buck energy investment you can make?

    Completing these projects in the spring will save you money in the summer and winter by making your house easier to heat and cool. Another thing to consider is swapping out vintage appliances for new Energy Star versions. In many cases you can reap federal energy tax credits, so you save money two ways.

  3. Improve Your Bathrooms:

    Updating your bathroom is right up there with the kitchen when it comes to return on investment in terms of home equity.

    This improvement could be small and only involve minor projects such as updating the lighting fixtures or installing a new vanity. However, spring is the perfect time to gut the whole bathroom and complete a total restoration.

    A total restoration could include installing a new floor (floor heating optional), a new tub or shower unit, or even installing new technology such as a hidden flat screen television.

  4. Paint:

    Painting is a simple way to create a bold new look for the spring. Painting either the inside or the outside of your house can really improve the appearance of your home.

    Furthermore, painting is an easy way to make a big impact on your home’s appearance without a large amount of monetary investment. Unlike many projects, the investment in painting equipment is minimal and you can provide the labor yourself.

  5. Redecorate:

    Another renovation to complete during the spring is redecorating your home. This is the perfect time to get new drapes, throw pillows, or even new furniture thus creating a fresh look for your home.

    Adding new blinds can update your home’s look and help your home stay cooler in the summer. Buying blinds online at Super Blinds Mart is a great way to choose the perfect blinds for your home. For a more drastic improvement, consider installing hardwood or floating laminate floors and removing old carpet.

  6. Improving Your Yard:

    Spring is the perfect time for improving your home’s outdoor living spaces by planting new bushes, flowers, or fruit trees.

    In addition, creating a patio using bricks or paving stones, and adding new patio furniture, will ensure you are ready for outdoor entertaining.

The six projects listed above are great ideas for home renovations this spring. Choosing to accomplish any of them will improve your home’s appearance. However, completing them all will leave your home looking spring fresh.

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