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4 Tactics to Raise the Value of Your Home

Add Equity with Energy-Efficient Window and Door Replacement, Repainting, and Landscaping

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A home with exterior decorative shutters, photo courtesy Kelly Smith

When trying to sell your home, every detail counts. Suddenly that unfinished basement you never had a need for may now be a point of contention for buyers looking for a finished basement to re-purpose as a man cave or home office.

While a number of expensive and time consuming improvements can be made, there are also some lesser known ways to increase the equity, value, and appeal of your home without breaking the bank.

Here are 4 effortless tactics to raise the value of your home:

  1. Update to Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors.

    Windows are often forgotten when trying to sell a home. However, updating windows is a great way to increase the value of your home.

    Excellent insulation via models that feature argon or krypton gas-filled double-panes can effectively cut energy cost in half, a real selling point for potential buyers looking for a great return on their investment.

    Also focus on how easy the replacement windows will be to clean for potential buyers; time savers can be quite important to new homeowners. Plus, there are a number of sleek, modern designs available that will help add more light, another great selling point.

    Doors, particularly contractor-grade ones can be huge energy-wasters as well as not being particularly attractive. But the entry door is the visual focal point of the home and there are now many affordable Energy Star rated replacements that are easy to install.

  2. Increase Light the Easy Way.

    In addition to updated windows, another great way to increase the light in your home is to consider repainting using lighter colors with shiny sheens like satin or eggshell.

    Neutral colors are a great way to make your home appear more available and less tailored to your own tastes. This is an easy, relatively inexpensive change that can add zeros to your resale value by making your home inviting to potential buyers.

    Updating light fixtures is another easy way to increase value. LED lights are an easy way to increase energy efficiency without sacrificing illumination.

  3. Tech Turnaround.

    Yet another easy way to up the ante when trying to sell your home is to consider increasing the tech appeal. As one example, industry leader Vivint offers a number of home automation solutions that range from video surveillance to smart thermostats.

    Vivint reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with the company offering excellent options for energy management, solar power, and home security. You can also look for several other alternative ways to boost your homes’ technology with products like solar panels, surround sound, and Kwikset smart key locks.

    All of these upgrades can go a long way toward increasing your home’s resale value.

  4. A Well-Groomed Yard.

    Finally, many homeowners overlook the yard; don’t make this mistake! A well-groomed yard can seal the deal when trying to make your home stand out from other similar houses in your neighborhood.

    Strategically placed trees not only enhance the look of your home’s exterior, they can also help with energy efficiency, offering shade on hot afternoons yet allowing the sun’s thermal energy to come through during the winter, when the leaves are gone.

    Your choice of trees is also a consideration. Fruit trees provide all the energy-saving benefits of ornamentals, while also providing fresh food for your family.

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